fourty four

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today was the gender reveal day and daniel couldn't have been more fucking depressed.

it was almost 2:30 pm, the party was for 3:00. the boys were already over, corbyn was downstairs and dressed, the moms and dads (except for jeff) were downstairs getting last minute decorations ready. the siblings (except for anna) were over, messing around. morgan was probably with the moms— and daniel? well, daniel was laying down in his dark room, staring at the ceiling with his hands on his tummy.

he knew corbyn tried waking him up— three times, but he simply shoved him off.

the door opened to his room, corbyn silently entering. he shut the door and made his way over to the bed where his boyfriend laid.


"do you really like me?" daniel interrupts, his eyes stinging with tears. corbyn was taking back by the question that he found absolutely ridiculous.

"i.. of course i like you, daniel. i love you." corbyn whispered, climbing into bed when the pregnant boy.

"really? 'cause i don't even like me."

corbyn frowned, and leaned on his elbow to look at his boyfriend. he wiped his cheek with the pad of his thumb, kissing his forehead.

"baby, where's all this coming from?" corbyn asked, brushing his hair back. daniel shrugged.

"i feel... like. there's a constant weight being pressed down on my chest. i can't breathe, i'm barely sleeping." daniel said shakily. "and.. i can't help but feel like i've ruined our baby's life but my stupid drinking addiction. and you'll be a great father, i see how you are with morgan, so you're going to be amazing with the baby and i feel jealous of that because i'm going to be terrible." daniel rambled, feeling himself get choked up.

sitting up, daniel hung his head, feeling his shoulders shake. corbyn slowly sat up beside him, pulling him against his chest, letting him cry.

"dani, have you seen yourself with children? every time a kid comes to the meet and greets, you're glowing. you and jack have always been the best with kids. you're going to be an amazing father, no matter what, bubba."

"no, i'm going to fuck everything up, like i always do—"

corbyn silence him with a quiet 'shush' and cupped his cheeks. "you're not going to fuck anything up."

"how can you be so sure?" daniel whispered, feeling himself calm down just from corbyn touching his face. he gave him a small smile.

"i just know, babe." he said, kissing his soft lips. daniel pulled him into a hug immediately after. "come on, we need to get you ready."


daniel was still depressed.

his hair was covered by a pink beanie, his shirt was pink, while corbyn's was blue, and he had some sweats on. just from his look alone, you could tell— he wasn't in the best mood.

but, he went downstairs with corbyn, chatter filling the band house.

pop music was playing from the television, pink, blue, purple and yellow streamers went down from the ceiling.

daniel gasped when he saw christina. a smile formed on his lips, he walked over to her and hugged her. she grinned. "my pregnant baby! how are you feeling?"

"i've been better." he chuckled, and pulled away. he quickly hugged gabbie, tate, bryana and bent down to pick morgan up. "guys, this is amazing, you didn't have to—"

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