twenty eight

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^^ corbyn's outfit for later in the chapter 🤩🤩


daniel just got back from his doctors appointment. everything was fine, besides the fact that he was going through detox. which sucked.

he also got his cast off from when he punched the wall in the tour bus. he had a splint on now, but he was allowed to take it off during the night.

he walked into his house, and went straight to his room. jonah was sitting on his bed, his arms crossed. daniel stared at him for a moment, before closing the door.

he set his keys down on his desk and crossed his arms. "what?"

"what happened between you and corbyn?"

daniel shrugged, and flipped his phone. jonah glared at him.

"daniel, we go back on tour in a few weeks. you need to figure everything out."

daniel looked at him with a confused expression. "and what about him? doesn't he need to figure everything out too?"

jonah exhaled sharply. "corbyn broke his hand because he was heartbroken over you and eddie."

daniel clenched his jaw. "why do you care so much? do you have a crush on him?"

jonah gave him a look. "daniel. get your head out of your ass. i'm happily dating tate. i don't want to date anyone in this band. you guys are my brothers, and i hate seeing you guys fight like this, it's getting tiring. i hate seeing the band split apart like this." he said surprisingly calmly.

daniel licked his lips, and didn't look at him as he walked out of his room. daniel closed his door softly, and sighed.

"well, peanut. i'm pretty sure everyone hates me now."


corbyn was sleeping peacefully on the couch with his head on saskia's lap. she was watching the news with her fingers tangled in his blonde locks.

"mom?" corbyn asked quietly. saskia looked down at her now awake son.

"yeah, hon?"

corbyn swallowed heavily, and flipped on his back, his head still on her lap. his eyes still red and puffy from how much he's been crying.

"have you ever been heartbroken?" he asked, barely above a whisper. tears swam in his green-blue eyes.

"i have, baby. did something happen between you and christina?"

corbyn shook his head and sat up. "no.. i broke up with her on tour." he said, wiping his wet cheeks. he rubbed his nose and sighed. "no, i'm.. i'm uh.." he cleared his throat.

"take your time, baby." she whispered, although she already knew what was about to come out of her sons mouth.

"i'm gay." he said finally after a long stretch of silence. his heart was beating out of his chest. his arms were wrapped around his tummy, looking up at his mom.

he needed his mom to support him. he couldn't function without her.

the smile on her lips made him exhale the breath he held.

"you're still my son, corbyn. i'm proud of you. now, enough with the tears. get changed, i'm taking you out to dinner."

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