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a week later, daniel had a white cast on his arm. the boys already signed it (quite obnoxiously if you would ask anyone, but daniel didn't mind.)

the boys were all sleeping on the bus. they were headed to their next destination. daniel was watching sex education on his phone, taking sips of coffee.

alcohol free coffee. his stomach has been hurting tremendously.

his curtain slide to the side. daniel looked up and smiled small when he saw corbyn. he shut the curtain. christina left a day ago.

"how's your stomach."

daniel shut his phone off and turned on the light. "it's alright. the coffee helped." he said, setting the empty cup in the pouch connected to the wall. he would take it out later.

"wanna cuddle?" he asked in a shy manner. daniel nodded his head. he plugged his phone in and got rearranged with corbyn. he shut the light off and rested his head on his chest.

they laid in silence. daniel was caught up in his head. ever since he got his cast on, he's been feeling a lot happier for some reason. he didn't know what it was, maybe it was christina finally gone, maybe it was that his family was barely talking to him, he couldn't tell.

he really does like christina, though. who doesn't?

corbyn was pushing his fingers through his unstyled brown hair, daniel's eyes slowly blinking as he fought the urge to sleep. his fingers were massaging his scalp while he watched the younger boy doze off.

daniel woke up before corbyn. his stomach felt much better, thankfully. he sat up and yawned. he grabbed his phone and leaned against the wall while he pulled out one of his drinks and took a swig of it. he missed drinking.

his legs were up to his chest while his bottle was close to his body. he went on instagram, taking occasional sips of the drink that burned his throat.

he liked a few posts here and there, ignored anna's post, but he clicked on the comments.

he really shouldn't have because now he wanted to cry. he never realized how cruel people could be on social media. mainly because he never really looked at his comments, only every once and a while, but ever since he posted his bag full of alcoholic substances, people were just plain mean.

bryana was right.

he shut his phone off and screwed the cap back on the bottle. he put the bag on the floor under his bed along with his phone and curled back up against corbyn. he placed his hand under his face so he wouldn't get corbyn's hoodie wet with his tears.

corbyn tightened his grip around daniels waist. he fell asleep.

daniel woke up again only an hour later. corbyn wasn't laying next to him. he pushed the curtain open, and rubbed his eyes.

he heard laughter from the living room area. he stood up and walked to the bathroom so he could wash up.

when he finished brushing his teeth, he washed his face with cold water. he patted it dry, and cracked his neck.

he left the bathroom and went to the couches. the television was playing. jack and zach sat next to each other, jonah was in the kitchen and corbyn was sitting on the other couch.

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