fourty nine

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this chapters boring lol but i have a headache so yeah :')


"anna.. what are you doing here?" corbyn asked, his smile dropped.

"i wanna see my nephew." she said meekly.

"we haven't seen you in a while, i'm not sure daniel would like this." corbyn said, nevertheless, let the blonde girl in.

"where is daniel?" she asked, looking around the house.

"shopping." he said blandly. he brought her over to where alex laid, morgan looking after him.

" didn't tell me you had two kids." she said in shock.

"yes well, she's getting adopted. her names morgan, and we love her just as much as we love alex."

anna hovered over him. she saw the smaller eyes and thin upper lip. "alcohol syndrome?"

"mhm." corbyn gently picked alex up and handed him to her. a smile formed on her lips as she held the bundle of joy in her arms. "morgan, honey, go play in your room. i'll get you when dani comes home, yeah?"

she smiled and kissed his cheek before running off to her room. right on cue, daniel walked in from the garage. his hands full of groceries. "you won't believe who i.. anna. corbyn what is this?"

corbyn watched as his boyfriend set the bags on the counter. he stayed there and set his hands on the marble surface.

"daniel, give her a chance-"

"a chance to do what? tell our kid how his father was a slut and slept around? no, i don't think so." daniel shook his head and started to unpack the groceries with shaky hands.

"daniel i-"

"sorry for not wanting to fix the most amazing relationship we had anna! i can't do it! i told you i was this close to killing myself when i was only six weeks pregnant and what do you do? you call me an attention whore. you tormented me throughout the entire tour. you weren't there when i needed you the most." daniel snapped, slamming the refrigerator door shut.

"i never meant for it to get that far!" she cried out.

"then why did you let it happen?!" he yelled, sighing when alex started crying. corbyn took him out of her arms, and bounced him gently. "mom got her head out of her ass. although i'm still a bit hurt about everything, she didn't hurt me as much as you did."

daniel was close to breaking down, and corbyn could tell. he set alex down on his bouncy chair, and quickly went over to daniel.

"can you leave. please?"

without another word, anna left. the door clicked shut, and daniel turned around to hug corbyn. the older boy kissed his shoulder. "i'm sorry, baby." corbyn whispered. "i couldn't say no."

daniel sniffed and pulled away from him. he wiped his face and tenderly kissed him. "i know, love bug."

they quickly unpacked the groceries, morgan soon coming out of her room. she ran up to daniel. he smiled at her and picked her up. "hey monkey."

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