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a day later, daniel crawled into corbyn's bunk.

the blonde was sleeping, and the brunette was drunk.


he straddled his hip, and kissed his lips. corbyn's eyes fluttered open. daniel pulled back, and corbyn rubbed his eyes when he started to kiss his neck.

"dani.." he sighed, holding his hips tightly. "you're drunk." he whispered knowingly.

"mhm.." daniel bit down on his neck. corbyn gasped. "and?"

"and, i'm not having sex with you if you're drunk of your ass." he mumbled. "i won't do that. i can't. i shouldn't."

"you shouldn't have done a lot of things but you did it anyway and now look where we are." daniel murmured, touching his jawline.

corbyn clenched his jaw. he shoved him off his body. "sleep, daniel." he muttered, and left his bunk.

"you know this is your fault, right?" daniel said loudly. corbyn turned to look at him. "you're-you're the reason why i drink myself to sleep every night."


"no, shut up, corbyn." daniel thickly. "you make me want to drink myself to death. you're cheating on christina, you're fucking me while dating the most perfect girl. you're gay—"

"i'm not gay." corbyn mumbled, cutting the boy off.

"stop with that bullshit, corbyn! you're fucking me which obviously means you're gay, bi, pan—"

"you don't know shit, daniel!" corbyn snapped out, waking the boys up.

corbyn was breathing heavily, blinking away his tears. "what's going on?" jonah asked tiredly.

"daniels talking shit, that's what."

"corbyn doesn't want to admit that he has feelings for boys." daniel laughed and shook his head. "he's a cheating asshole."

"i get it, daniel. don't have to remind me." corbyn spat, glaring at the boy.

"i think you do, corbyn." daniel said. "i think christina deserves to know that you're fucking your best friend. i think you need to be reminded that you're a cheater everyday."

"i think you're just upset that i'm with her and not you."

"guys stop." jonah groaned, rubbing his face tiredly.

"i'll be outside." corbyn said tightly, grabbing his phone and leaving the bus.

"how much did you fucking drink?" jonah asked daniel.

"mm not enough." daniel said, his voice happy.

"are you really smiling right now?" zach rolled his eyes, falling back against the mattress, jack laying back on top of him with a heavy sigh.

"oh yeah. that felt great to get off my chest." daniel slurred, swinging his legs over the bed. "now i'm thinking rum? butterscotch? so many choices."

"how about sleep?"

"how about no."

zach huffed and shut the curtain to his bunk. jonah did the same, leaving daniel alone with his bottles of alcohol and his extremely loud thoughts that could drive a man insane.

corbyn was kicking dirt outside. his hands were buried deep in his pockets, and he wanted nothing more then to cry. daniel was right— he's a cheating asshole and christina deserves to know nothing but the truth.

he couldn't bring himself to it, however.

because telling her would mean it's real. that he's gay and has been cheating on her since the tour started.

he hasn't said it out loud, that he's gay, because then it would be real. he was fucking scared. yes, there are more accepting people, but what would happen to the band-

"nothing would happen, dipshit." corbyn muttered to himself. fans love jack and zach.

that doesn't mean he isn't scared. he's terrified.

because he's gay, and he's going to keep on denying it.

corbyn later returned to the bus when jonah texted him that they were leaving soon. he opened the door of the bus and stepped in.

"hey kelly." he whispered to the bus driver.

"hey, hon. we're off to texas." she said, ruffling his hair. corbyn smiled small at her, and left to go straight to his bunk.

he angrily shut his curtain, and wanted nothing more then to punch a wall.

"shit." he whispered, wiping his tears with the sleeve of his hoodie. he opened his curtain, and stood up, to open daniel's.

the younger boy looked up at corbyn with his big eyes. "yes?"

corbyn reached over to his bag and pulled out a random bottle of alcohol. daniel watched him, making no attempt to stop the blonde.

corbyn took the bottle with him and went back to his bunk. he shut the curtain, and took off the cap. he took a large swig of the burning liquid, and nodded his head.

"that's good." he whispered, and continued to drink.


lol that escalated quickly 😔✋🏼

happy birthday to my baby boy! has 20, has a kid, and livin' his best life with his best friends 😚💛✨

happy birthday to my baby boy! has 20, has a kid, and livin' his best life with his best friends 😚💛✨

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