fourty two

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a week later, daniel was being wheeled into corbyn's house by his boyfriend.

his boyfriend.

corbyn besson, is his boyfriend.

holy shit.

daniel smiled to himself and looked down at his lap. corbyn brought him over to the couches, and picked him up. he set him down, and went back out to the car to get the walker and their bags.

daniel stretches his legs, and rubbed his eyes tiredly. he leaned his head back, touching his bump. he sighed and bit his lip. "no more abusive boyfriends, peanut. only corbyn. he's gonna be the best dad." daniel whispered to himself, his eyes opening when he heard feet coming down the stairs.

"oh, daniel! thank god you're okay!" saskia gasped, crouching down to cup his cheeks. she kissed his forehead, and examined the cuts and bruises on his face.

"i'm okay, mama. really." he said quietly, sitting up slightly to hug her.

"and the baby?" saskia asked. daniel almost forgot that corbyn told his parents a week ago when ray and carrie came over. they all told their parents and siblings.

"the baby's okay." daniel smiled, pulling back from the hug. corbyn came back inside, setting the bag and walker down by the front door.

saskia turned around, smiling at her eldest son. corbyn went over to his boyfriend and mother, kissing saskia's cheek, and touched daniel's beanie covered head.

"your father and i are going out of dinner. your sibling are with their friends so you'll have the house for a while."

corbyn hummed and watched saskia leave for the car. corbyn cleared his throat, scared to face his dad. he told his dad everything while he got the small ultrasound machine a week ago— but he didn't really have to face him since they rushed daniel to the hospital.

daniel pulled him down so he was sitting on the couch with him. corbyn turned to his side, crossing his legs so he was facing daniel— his eyes held nothing but fond and love for the younger.

corbyn gripped the younger thigh, and leaned forward, connecting their lips for a soft and passionate kiss. daniel cupped his cheeks, feeling nothing but love shared between them.

corbyn pulled away when he heard his dad clear his throat. blushing, corbyn looked up at his dad, who held a soft smile. "i'm happy for you two." he said gently, daniel feeling corbyn physically relax. "we'll be back around.. ten ish? we're probably going to go to the beach and everything."

"okay." corbyn smiled hesitantly, keeping his hand on daniel's thigh. ray smiled at the two and grabbed his keys off the table before leaving the house. "let's go take a shower." corbyn said quietly, standing up.

daniel stayed seated, a smile forming on his lips when corbyn picked him up. he wrapped his legs around his waist, and his arms around his neck.

the older carried them up to his room, and to the bathroom. he set him down on the counter, and walked over to the bathtub.

he let the water run for a few minutes, and in that time, he got them hoodies and sweats. he set them beside daniel, and kissed his lips gently.

he smiled gently, taking his beanie off. daniel shook his head when corbyn whispered how adorable he looked.

soon, they were both nude, corbyn lifted daniel back up in his arms and gently set him down so he was standing. they slowly made their way to the shower, and once they were in, daniel attached himself to corbyn.

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