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lips attached to lips, hands roaming their bodies, warm skin touching skin, hot breath made the boy beneath shiver with ecstasy. the bus moved smoothly during the late night- everyone fast asleep in their own bunks but the two boys.

daniel gently scratched down his back, feeling pleasure shoot through his entire body when corbyn rolled his hips slowly. he tilted his head to the side, allowing corbyn to suck at his tanned skin.

corbyn had the skin between his teeth, kissing all around his neck, leaving decent sized hickeys on his neck. his hips never stopping their movements.

reattaching their lips, corbyn felt daniel gasp as he released. the older slowing his hips down as he broke off the kiss. he swallowed heavily, before leaving the bunk.

daniel stayed frozen.

he kicked off his boxers after he came out of his daze, and grabbed a tissue from his little compartment on his bunk, and cleaned himself up. he grabbed a fresh pair of underwear, and opened the curtain. he grabbed his phone, and walked to the back lounge, calling bryana.

when he closed the door, she picked up.

"dani boy! how can i assist on this very late night?"

"bry.. i.." his bottom lip wobble as he slid down the door of the lounge. bryana's smile faded, and she shooed away her friends to the balcony of her apartment so she could talk to her best friend privately. "have.. have you ever liked someone so much that it physically brings you to pain? so much that you don't want to be in the same room as them? that you don't want to look at them? but all they do is take up all the space in your brain because you can't stop thinking about them?"

bryana stayed silent. she has. she could relate to that. "i have, baby. why?" the two used to date for a short amount of time, but they soon broke it off because first, they're both gay, and two, they were better off as friends, best friends, but they did keep the cute little nicknames that they really only used when they needed to relax. (like baby or honey. bubby, or bunny.)

daniel let out a broken cry. "i can't get corbyn out of my fucking head."


"almost every damn night i'm staying up constantly thinking about him. i can't.. he's dating christina. he has a beautiful girlfriend of three years-"

"daniel shut up." bryana said quietly, watching her friend quiet down. "you're allowed to have feelings. you're allowed to feel this way. you're human. you can have a crush, it isn't a crime. do you know how many crushes i had who had a girlfriend? plenty, baby."

"but i want these feelings to go away." he whispered, wiping his tears as he felt the bus come to a stop. he stood up and peeked out the blinds and saw they were at a gas stop. "i'm gonna get some food."

"okay, baby. do you want me to stay..?"


daniel slipped out of the lounge, and grabbed his wallet. he slipped on his shoes. he got off the bus and smiled small at the bus driver. he opened the door to the twenty-four-seven gas station.

"what should i get?" he asked bryana.

"definitely ice cream. oh and.. skittles. maybe hot cheetos. just a whole bunch of junk."

daniel chuckled, going to the chips. he grabbed the big bag of hot cheetos, and moved to the side so he could reach the candies. then he went to the freezer. he got the cookie dough ice cream.

after he paid, he went back on the bus. he grabbed a spoon and went back to the lounge.

"alright.. well, i'll be up for a little longer. you can go if you want, i don't want to ruin your night." daniel said, opening the ice cream.

"dani, when do you ever ruin my night?"

he chuckled, throwing the plastic away. he shut the lights off and turned the television on. he went to the netflix app and went to his profile. "what should i even watch?"

"you're in need of a good laugh so.. the office."

the two ended up hanging up when daniel started watching the show because ("bry, you have friends over. go, i'll be fine. really.) so he sat there, eating his ice cream and watching this stupid show. okay it's not really stupid but whatever.

daniel wiped his cheeks, and shut his eyes when corbyn entered his mind once again.


birthday update 🤩🥳💛

birthday update 🤩🥳💛

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