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corbyn gulped as he waited in front of christina's door. his heart was beating out of his chest.

the door swung open, revealing the happy new yorker. she squealed and pulled him into a tight hug. he of course, hugged back, and felt tears rise up in his eyes.

he had to do this. now, before he chickens out and continues to cheat.

"chrissy, can we talk?" corbyn asked nervously.

"of course." she lead them over to the couches and sat down. "what's wrong?"

he took a deep breath, and swallowed the lump in his throat. "i love you. i really, really do. you've been there for me since day one. you're one of my best friends... but i can't.." he bit his lip and held back his tears. christina held his hand, knowing what was coming. "i'm gay." he said, his voice wavering.

"oh corbyn.."

"i'm sorry." he whispered, letting his tears fall freely.

"wha- corbyn, don't apologize for something you can't control." christina shook her head. corbyn looked over at the girl. she read his facial expressions. the guilty look made everything obvious. he cheated. "you slept with someone."

"i'm sorry." he sobbed, standing up to pace around her apartment. "i never meant for it to happen!"

"corbyn, calm down." christina said, standing up to hold his shaking hands. "i'm not mad. really."

"how could you not be mad? i cheated on you?"

"i should be mad, but i can't find it in my heart to be mad at you, baby." she said softly. "you were curious. can i ask who?"


she smiled. "you guys are cute together. i'm happy for you corbyn. happy and proud."

corbyn shook his head. "you should be furious. you should slap me or something."

"no. i'm.. i'm a little hurt, sure, but i'm more happy then anything, corby." she smiled warmly, bringing him back down on the couch and wiped his tears.

"you're the first person i came out to. like, really came out to." corbyn mumbled, resting his head on her lap.

christina tangled her fingers in his knotted hair, working through the knots. "oh really? i'm honored."

corbyn snorted, and he felt like a whole weight was lifted off his shoulder. he took his phone out, and went to instagram. he scrolled through his feed, liking a few pictures here and there.

christina continues to work out the knots in his hair, his eyes grew heavy. he turned his phone off, setting on his stomach. he slipped his eyes shut, and slept.


"hey daniel!"

daniel looked up and stumbled back when he saw eddie. he didn't have his sister with him.

"oh! hey, eddie! what are you doing here?" daniel asked nervously, looking around the empty store.

"i live here." he shrugged. "we were visiting my dad back when me and morgan met you."

he nodded his head once and looked at the man. his curly hair was under a beanie, and he had a black shirt on with ripped black pants. his eyes held no emotion, but he had a smile.

"well, i have to get morgan from school, but can i get your number?" eddie asked, biting his lip.

daniel knew better. he shouldn't be giving his number out to fans. but he honestly needed a distraction. a distraction from corbyn.

"sure." he smiled.


total. drama. aCtIon

sorry it's short, i'll do a double update. maybe. idk


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