fifty seven

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corbyn and daniel walked along the shoreline of a maldives beach. their two children were with zach and jack with their daughter back in LA, while the newly married couple enjoyed their honeymoon.

zach and jack recently got back from theirs, they had their honeymoon in bora bora, and jonah and eben? they haven't gotten engaged yet, but they were absolutely content.

their fingers laced together, they slowly walked back to their rental on the water. daniel's free hand was gently touching his eight month bump.

daniel lead them onto the board walk with a dozen (or so) small houses all connected, but there was enough privacy.

their rental was the third house there so daniel didn't have to walk any further. they walked into the house, the two immediately going to the back of the house where it over looked the horizon.

they sat down on the small platform. daniel rested his head on corbyn's shoulder, holding his bump. corbyn's hand was on daniel's upper thigh, resting his own head on daniel's.

"i love you." corbyn said, looking at the sun setting. the sky was a soft purple, and the waves were crashing gently at shore.

"i love you too." daniel responder quick, turning his head to kiss his shoulder. "so much."


coming back to LA made daniel happy. he wanted to see his babies.

he opened the door to his house, immediately hearing a gasp and small feet running towards the door. jonah was helping corbyn with the suitcases since he didn't want his pregnant husband carrying heavy bags.

he caught alex, who had jumped into his arms. the child wrapped his legs around daniel's bump. he held him tightly and kissed his cheek.

"missed you papa!" alex giggled, tightening his small arms around his neck.

"i missed you too, buddy." daniel smiled, bringing him into the living room where tessa, morgan, jack and zach were. morgan shot up and ran to her father, hugging him by his waist.

alex jumped off of daniel and ran over to corbyn. daniel leaned down to kiss the top of morgan's head.

"hey man. how was the maldives?" zach asked, pulling daniel into a gentle hug.

"beautiful." he sighed happily, and thanked him when he helped daniel sit down on the floor by tessa.

corbyn came around a few minutes later, fonding over daniel as he played around with tessa. he sat behind him, pulling him against his chest. he kissed his neck, and sighed.

corbyn finally had the boy of his dreams. and even though he was really fucking stupid for the majority of 2019, he got him.

and he wasn't planning on letting him go.



looks a lil something like this :)

[a/n]looks a lil something like this :)

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