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daniel's eyes fluttered open. the bus was still moving, and it was dark on the bus. he was still in corbyn's arms, the older boy sleeping peacefully. daniel gently got off of him, and left his bunk.

he stood up, stretching his body, groaning softly when he cracked a majority of his joints. he stumbled over to the lounging area, stopping his movements when he saw jonah.

"he's dating christina, dani.." jonah said, pitiful. daniel said nothing, only held onto the wall to keep his balance. "he loves her, d. and i don't want to see your heart getting broken."

"it's already broken." he said through his teeth.

"daniel. he's been dating her for three years-"

"you don't think i know that? god, jonah, its all i think about!"

"then fucking stop." he said standing up to move closer to his best friend, he was in tears. "stop sleeping with him. stop drinking. just stop."

"i..i can't stop jonah! i.."

"dani." he said softly, placing his hands on his shoulders. "there are almost 8 billion people in this world, nearly half are boys. choose someone else."

"that someone else is the only one i want, jo." he said helplessly.

"that one is in a relationship." jonah said.

daniel shook his head and stumbled back over to his own bunk, climbing in. he reached for his bag that was in one of the pockets on the wall. he grabbed it and unzipped it. he grabbed the bourbon that he bought secretly.

he took a large swing of it, and laid down.

"daniel isn't going to just stop, jonah. he has a drinking problem."

"he shouldn't. he shouldn't have a drinking problem."

"he can't really help it. if he's in a depressed state don't tell him things that will make him even more depressed. he knows i'm in a relationship. he doesn't have to be reminded. he doesn't need to be reminded that he has a drinking problem." corbyn sighed.

"he should. and so should you. you're cheating on christina. really, man? it's so fucked up."

daniel listened to the conversation. everyone thought he was asleep, but no, he was awake. wide awake, and very much drunk.

"don't start."

"corbyn, you know i love you and dani both, but what you guys are doing.. it's not right."

"what?" corbyn seethed. "us sleeping together? what are you homo-"

"god, shut up corbyn. you know i don't care what you do, you know i'm one hundred percent accepting of jack and zach, and any of our fans. what i meant was, you cheating on christina. with daniel. it's wrong. if you're gay-"

"i'm not gay." he snapped. daniel flinched. "i'm not gay."

"then please enlighten me, corbyn! what are you? cause you sure as hell ain't straight."

daniel had enough. he sat up and got out of his bunk silencing the two boys. his bottle of alcohol was safely put away in his bag, and he rubbed his face in his hands. "you guys talk to fucking loud."

"sorry, dani." jonah said tensely.

"whatever." he mumbled, standing up.

"how long were you up for?" corbyn called out from where he was seated at his bunk. daniel turned around with tears filled in his blue eyes.

"the entire time."


this story is gonna be mad depressing sorry ✊🏼🥺✊🏼

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