thirty four

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"how far along are you?"

corbyn and daniel were seated on the sand. they were far enough from the water so it wouldn't hit them even during a tide.

"9 weeks." he whispered. "i already have a bump."

corbyn's eyes traveled down to his stomach again. he couldn't believe this. the love of his life, pregnant, with his kid. "a bump?" he asked meekly. daniel sniffed and nodded his head.

he laid back in the sand, and lifted his shirt up. corbyn let out a breath of air, feeling tears wet his cheeks. he looked down at the small, but evident bump on his stomach.

corbyn reached out, touching the firm bump. he felt himself loose all control. he laid down on his stomach. he looked over at daniel, who was just staring down at him with sad eyes.

corbyn sniffed and pressed his lips on his stomach. he felt daniel exhale slowly, tangling his fingers in corbyn's soft blonde hair.

corbyn was kissing all around his belly. not a single thought was on eddie. only corbyn. his eyes fluttered shut, just feeling his lips around his abdomen.

butterflies erupted in daniels stomach at the feeling of his soft lips against his skin. he missed the way corbyn would kiss him. he doesn't kiss like eddie, that's for sure.

eddies kisses are rushed and fast. corbyn's are soft, gently and sweet. (even if they were having sex, yes.) his eyes soon opened when corbyn's lips left his stomach.

he watched as the older boy straddled his hips. daniel set his hands on his thighs, looking up at him. corbyn knew this was wrong. he knew he was dating eddie, daniel was probably in love with him. corbyn knew he was being selfish, but that didn't stop him from leaning down and kissing daniel.

and he didn't stop him.

their lips moved together at a slow pace. daniel felt tears slip his eyes, only deepening the kiss. daniel flipped them over, ignoring the sand that fell between them.

corbyn gripped his hips, pulling him closer to his body. daniel bit corbyn's bottom lip, and let it fall back into place. the two panting heavily, daniel held his smile back, and curled up on corbyn.

oh how he fucked up.


when the sun began to rise, the two blondes got up and went back to the beach house. the boys were already awake. corbyn looked at them with confusion.  when do they ever wake up this early?

"give me a hug, dickwad." andrew pouted at corbyn. he broke out into a large grin, and left daniel's side to pull andrew into a tight hug.

daniel smiled at them and pulled his phone out of his pocket when he felt it buzz. he pulled it out of his pocket, and bit his lip when he saw eddies contact name.

hesitantly, he pressed the cancel, and forced another smile. he didn't know why suddenly he didn't want to talk to eddie. maybe because corbyn was the only thing on his mind again, or he just wanted to spend time away from electronics. or, the fact that he just cheated on eddie.

he didn't know.

"hey daniel! how are you?" andrew smiled, pulling daniel into a hug. the taller hugged back with a smile.

"i'm hanging in there." he said quietly, pulling away from the warm hug when his phone buzzed again. "sorry." he mumbled, looking down at his phone.

eddie 🔆 is calling..

he pressed decline again, and put on a smile. anyone could see through him— it was a fake smile. that's all he seems to be doing.

"um, i'm gonna shower. what are you guys doing today?" daniel asked, looking between the boys.

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