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daniel woke up with corbyn in his arms. he looked down, the older boy peacefully on his phone, not making an attempt to move from the boy.

"why didn't you wake me?" daniel asked, his voice raspy. corbyn looked up at him. he turned off his phone and dropped it on his bed.

"didn't want to disrupt your sleeping." he softly said, kissing his jaw. daniel smiled, feeling corbyn's soft lips on his neck. corbyn moved so he was on top of daniel, moving his lips to the corner of his lips.

"we." corbyn gave him a kiss. "have to get ready." daniel pulled him down for another kiss. "for sound check."

"mm, no." daniel whined. corbyn chuckled, kissing his forehead and rolled off daniel. he grabbed his shorts and put them on, and stood up.

he quickly sat back down.

"you asshole." corbyn growled, glaring at daniel, who was hiding his laughter. "we have to preform today, dani!" he whined, throwing a pillow at daniels face.

daniel rolled his eyes, and grabbed his own shorts, and stood up. two knocks on the door we're heard. daniel looked over, and cleared his throat. "come in."

the door opened, and jonah came in. he looked between the two and rolled his eyes. "myta made pancakes."

"cool! see ya out there corbs. that is, if you can walk." daniel teased, and left the room before corbyn could throw another pillow at him.

or a shoe.

jonah looked at corbyn as he put on a shirt. "again?"

"mhm." he hummed, putting his shirt on. "can i get a piggyback ride. please?" corbyn huffed, shifting around on the bed. jonah chuckled and walked over to corbyn.

he bent down and let the younger get on his back. jonah walked out to the kitchen, corbyn glaring at daniel when he bursted out in laughter.

jonah set him down on a chair, and got him three pancakes and a glass of milk. corbyn thanked him, and smiled sweetly at daniel as he brought his foot up and kicked his dick.

daniel let out a small groan, and brought his hands down and let his head hit the table.

"you guys are children, i swear." jonah laughed, sitting down next to jack, who looked exhausted. he was leaning on zach, wearing overalls and a yellow shirt.

"what's up with jack?" daniel asked tightly, sending glares at corbyn for kicking him in the balls.

"do you really want to know?" zach smirked, laughing when jack kicked his shin lightly. "perks of my room being in the basement."

daniel finally moved his hand from his dick, still shooting glares at corbyn.

corbyn shook his phone at daniel. he picked his phone up, and read the message.

have fun tryin to make babies 😚😳😬💕💕

i'm gay 🥳🤩🥰🤡

boys can have babies dumbfuck 😌✋🏼

daniel looked up at corbyn with a 'really bitch' look, and shook his head. corbyn gave him a kissy face and set his phone down to finish eating his food.

daniel was nervous for limelight.

the last time, he wasn't wanted in pictures, and got called an alcoholic.

corbyn noticed and limped his way over to daniel. he sat next to him and sighed. "are you okay?"

daniel smiled, (a fake smile), and shrugged. "not sure if i'm ever 'okay' anymore."

"if someone wants you out of the picture, we'll stand up for you—"

"if someone wants me out of the picture, i'll get out of the picture." daniel stated calmly.

"it's not fair, daniel." corbyn replied, pouting slightly.

daniel looked over at him and smiled small. he pressed a lingering kiss to corbyn's cheek, and stood up when jon announced that the doors would be opening.

corbyn got up and walked over to his usual spot, sandwiched between daniel and jonah. jack and zach were talking quietly, zach and jack paying no mind to the girls showing off their chests or them breaking their backs to show off their ass, like a good boyfriend.

jonah on his phone, probably texting tate, like a good boyfriend, which, corbyn wasn't since he's still cheating on christina.

he should really tell her.

corbyn looked over at daniel, smiling when he was hugging a teenage girl. he had a content smile on his face, like he missed hugging the fans.

"hey." corbyn smiled, hugging the girl. she was short, maybe 4'11, (corbyn thought it was absolutely adorable) and she had a hijab that covered her head. she was wearing their red hoodie, and some jeans. "that color suits you." he said kindly, pointing to the purple hijab.

"oh." she giggled, "thank you!" she said happily, and gave his hand a squeeze before going to hug jonah, zach and jack.

"alright, 3...2...1!" caspary called out. daniel put his hand on corbyn's ass, giving it a small squeeze. corbyn broke out in laughter, and lightly shoved daniel after the picture was taken.

"you're a dork." corbyn said, shaking his head with a smile.

limelight finished quickly, and the boys went to the green room where they changed and watched brynn and eben preform.

he heard corbyn's giggles from the other side of the room and daniel's heart ached. he wanted corbyn, he wanted corbyn so bad, but he can't have him.

he'll never have him.


depressing shit startinggggg: next chapter most likely

also st 3 comes out in 46 minutes !!!!

also st 3 comes out in 46 minutes !!!!

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