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all u bottom corbyn lovers are gonna love me 😚✋🏼 or not lol idk

"you know he didn't mean any of that, corbyn. when he's drunk, he's a dick."

"no, he was right, zach. i'm cheating on her, i'm an asshole and she doesn't deserve any of it." corbyn muttered, putting two pills in his mouth to stop his pounding headache, gulping water down after.

"then tell her."

corbyn didn't respond, only stared down at his feet. zach sighed and stood up. the bus stopped by the herron household.

"i'll wake up daniel." zach said, leaving corbyn alone. when zach left for the bunks. he tore open daniel's curtain and watched him flinch from the sudden brightness. "morning asshole. we're at my house so get your shit together and come out."

"get myself together or my stuff?" daniel asked, shutting his eyes.

"both." zach said, walking to his bunk to get his bags.

daniel leaned on his elbows and tilted his head back. he looked over when corbyn sat on his bunk. he reached behind him and grabbed the bottle he took from daniels back last night. he flipped it around in his hand and scoffed with a shake of his head.

"here." he muttered, tossing the bottle on his bed. daniel sat up and grabbed the bottle, listening to the liquid swish around.

"when'd you take this?" he asked, taking the covers off his legs. corbyn swallowed thickly and stood up. he didn't want to talk about this.

"last night." he whispered, grabbing his carry on bag and got his suitcase from under his bunk. corbyn left the bus, and went straight to the door of the herrons house.

"corby!" is what he heard when he stepped in. a smile grew on his face, and he bent down to pick up reese who was running straight for him.

he hummed and spun her around. "hey, beautiful." he whispered. she wrapped her legs around his waist and he grabbed his suitcase and walked to the living room with little reese on him.

"corbyn! hey man!" ryan cheered, pausing his video game.

"hey, ryan. how's evy?" he asked, setting his suitcase by the couch and setting his arms under reese's bum.

"she's good." he smiled at the mention of his girlfriend. "she's coming to the concert tomorrow."

corbyn nodding his head, and sat down. reese let go of him and ran off somewhere.

"here." ryan tossed him a controller. corbyn smiled, and played as a guest on the xbox. they played in silence. "how's christina?"

corbyn bit his lip and nodded his head slowly. "she's fine." he sighed.

"corbyn! hey, sweetheart!" myta exclaimed, coming down the stairs.

"hey, momma." he smiled, standing up to give her a hug.

the boys called the moms momma.

"dani!" reese screamed, jumping up and down when daniel entered the house. "jacky!"

"wha- why are you more excited to see daniel and jack? i'm your brother!" zach whined childishly. jack laughed and kissed reese' head.

"you're mean and don't play with me." she huffed and smiled when daniel picked her up. "where's jo?"

"right here." jonah smiled, taking reese from daniel. "go talk to corbyn and fix your problems." he whispered to him. daniel sighed and set his suitcase and bag by the steps.

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