twenty four

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could the nickname little peanut be referred to as a small dick-


"hey daniel." eddie smiled, sitting across the booth from him.

"hey." he smiled back, sipping on his apple juice. "how are you?"

"i'm good. a lot better now since i'm with you." he said, resting his chin on his hand. daniel blushed, and looked down.

it was two days later after his "big" fight with his family. he hasn't stepped foot back in his house, he's been crashing with his friend corey.

"how's morgan?" daniel asked about eddies adorable little sister.

"she's good. from what i know, she's in new york with my mom." he lied. daniel nodded his head, and took a small sip from his cup. "so, tell me. how's tour?"

"as good as it can get. we're on a small break right now, until may eighteenth. we go to hawaii for a week or so, then japan. then we have another break until we go to australia. then summer tour starts."

"jeez." eddie laughed. "aren't you stressed?"

daniel thought about it, but quickly shook his head. "i'm doing what i love, with my best friends."

eddie grew jealous over that, but he hid it with a smile. "as long as you're happy, i'm happy."

daniel smiled, and picked up his phone when he vibrated. "give me a sec."

daniel slid out of the booth and went outside. he picked his phone up. "hello?"

"daniel, hi! it's doctor wilson. i just wanted to let you know that you are getting transferred over to a specialist. she's really kind, and she only really works with rare cases like yours. your next appointment will be in a week. you'll have to go more often then most women to make sure your baby is healthy."

"oh, okay. when's the next appointment?"

"next week, thursday at two. is that okay?"

"yes, thank you doctor."

"my pleasure. it'll be at the same hospital, just ask for doctor morrison. they'll send you right up."

"great. thank you so much."

daniel went back into the café, sitting down at the booth. eddie looked at him. "who was it?"

"just corbyn." he lied, fiddling with his rings. 

eddie sighed and lifted his chin with his fingers. "he's not good for you, daniel."

daniel smiled a small smile, and lied to himself. "i don't want corbyn."

he needs corbyn. but corbyn doesn't want him.


"thank you for dropping me off." daniel smiled at eddie. he was in front of zach's front door.

"of course. i'll see you later?" he asked, touching daniel's hip softly. daniel nodded his head. he leaned up on his tip toes, and kissed eddie on his lips.

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