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lips attached to lips, hands roaming their bodies, warm skin touching skin, hot breath made the boy beneath shiver with ecstasy. the soft pitter patter of the rain keeping them at ease while their children slept.

daniel gently scratched down his back, feeling pleasure shoot through his entire body when corbyn rolled his hips slowly. he tilted his head to the side, allowing corbyn to suck at his tanned skin.

corbyn had the skin between his teeth, kissing all around his neck, leaving decent sized hickeys on his neck. his hips never stopping their movements.

reattaching their lips, corbyn felt daniel gasp against them when corbyn pushed in slowly. he rocked his hips at a slow, teasing pace.

daniel let out short breaths as his body moved with every thrust. corbyn leaned down, capturing their lips in a sweet kiss.

daniel tangled his fingers in corbyn's soft blonde hair, lightly tugging on the locks. he groaned against his lips, and tightly gripped his hips.

corbyn sped his thrusts, grunting when daniel clenched around him. "fuck corbyn." daniel whispered, scratching along his scalp.

corbyn kissed around his throat, not leaving any more marks since they have children. daniel would already have trouble covering up the ones he already made.

"fuck. fuck, i'm-" with a loud moan, daniel released on his stomach. he whimpered from the over sensitivity, corbyn was still going at a fast pace.

"corbyn." he moaned, now scratching down his back, leaving red marks on his tan skin. corbyn let out another groan, his hips stuttering as he came in daniel.

(hopefully, there wouldn't be another baby)

with heavy pants, corbyn pulled out, and flipped on his side. daniel let out a giggle, and ran his fingers in his sweaty hair. they got under the covers after a heavy make out session.

daniel attached himself to corbyn's side, resting his head on his chest. the two fell into a deep slumber rather quickly.


daniel cracked his eyes open. his head was resting on corbyn's chest. the brunette reached over for corbyn's phone on his bedside table. the screen lit up, revealing daniel and their newborn. (his home screen was morgan, alex and daniel when he proposed on stage.)

5:21 AM.

he groaned, and rolled out of bed to care for their baby, who was crying.

he rubbed his eyes and turned on the lamp on his nightstand. he grabbed his boxers from last night and corbyn shirt.

he limped his way over to the nursery, and turned on the light. he made his way over to the crib and bent down. he took the baby out, and held them close.

"do you need a change?" daniel asked quietly to his babygirl, and touched her clothed bum. he pulled his hand back. "yes you do."

so he quickly changed her, and threw out her old diaper. he picked her back up, she calmed down quickly. he swayed her gently, quietly humming a tune his mom would sing to him when he was a kid.

when she was asleep, her head against his shoulder and her small body against his, he set her back down and kissed her head.

daniel gave birth to nalia faith besson, on may 27th, so she shared a birthday with zach, which, he was beyond excited for.

he left the room, and went down the hall to the kitchen. he was up and awake now. so he started up the coffee machine. once the coffee was brewing, he went back to his shared room with corbyn, grabbed some sweats and his phone before turning off the light.

he made his way back to the kitchen, scrolling through instagram. he liked jack's picture, that was posted while corbyn and daniel were having fun, of his daughter, tessa and zach asleep on their bed.

he also liked eben's post with jonah, the two on bed, clearly just after they did the sex since their hair was a mess and jonah simply looked out of it. daniel chuckled and moved back to the coffee machine when it beeped.

he got a mug, and poured out the black coffee. he got some milk, and sugar. he stirred it, and put everything away before heading over to the couches. he sat criss cross and grabbed the remote.

he turned on the television. he began to channel surf while he sipped on his coffee.

he decided on the movie skyscraper since there wasn't anything good on.

and moments later, someone sat down next to daniel. the younger leaned against him. corbyn's arm was wrapped around his shoulders, bent at the elbow to play with his messy brown hair.

"i'm proud of you, you know?" corbyn whispered. daniel looked up at him.

"why? i didn't do anything." he chuckled lightly, and took another sip of his coffee.

"oh but you did." corbyn said back to him. "daniel, you got through a whole tour of me literally ruining you, and before you say anything, it's true," corbyn mumbled. daniel leaned forward to set his mug down on the table and then straddled corbyn's thighs. he held no expression which worried corbyn slightly.

"you got through eddie— or jackson. what ever the fuck his name is. you got through a pregnancy when all you wanted to do was drink. you got through your family's problems. you got through two surgery's and another pregnancy— daniel i'm fucking proud of you. you're so strong and i adm—"

daniel cut him off with a soft kiss. corbyn's hands traveled down to his thighs. he kissed back, their lips moving slowly. daniel ran his fingers through his hair, pulling him closer.

"i love you." daniel said breathlessly, his lips still against corbyn's. "i love you so fucking much."

"i love you too, baby. so much." he mumbled, grinning when daniel hugged him tightly.

he was so, madly in love with daniel besson, and how ironic that he fell in love with him on the 8 letters tour.


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