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daniel walked back stage with the boys. they just finished their vegas show, and daniel was still filled with adrenaline. jack was attached to zach's back, the youngest boy in the band holding him happily.

"dani! dani dani!"

daniel turned around and easily caught the girl who jumped in his arms. her legs went around his waist and her arms around his neck.


"the one and only. surprise!"

daniel laughed happily, hugging her tightly. she smiled into his neck, happy tears forming in his eyes.

"what are you doing here?"

bryana jumped off of daniel, she was wearing one of their hoodies- the red tour hoodie that was two sizes too big on her, so it went down to her thighs. she probably had shorts underneath, and some boots. her hair was in two pigtails and her make up, like always, matched her outfit.

"well i felt horrible that i couldn't make it to the first LA show so i came to this one!"

daniel was so happy. so so happy to see the person that kept him sane (besides his mom) for the most of the time. he pulled her into another hug, her laugh sent butterflies to his stomach. he loved seeing his best friend happy.


daniel looked past bryana's shoulder, and saw the cutest little girls running towards him. daniel let go of bryana and couched down so he could catch reese and isla.

they both hugged him, and he stood up, carrying them around. they giggled happily. "hi, loves."

"dani, you did so good!"

"thank you, reese." he chuckled, setting the girls down. he kissed their heads, and let them run to their brothers. daniel made eye contact with corbyn, they both quickly looked away from each other.

"what was that?" jonah asked suddenly.

"w-what was what? i honestly don't know what you're talking about. go fuck tate or something." daniel said nervously.

jonah rolled his eyes. "you're not fooling anyone, man."

daniel blinked, and walked away from him.

drinking was probably one of daniel's favorite things to do. they all sat on the bus, the only one not drinking was jack.

bryana, daniel and jonah probably had the most to drink- and jonah broke a table.

daniel was on his seventh drink, now eighth, pouring out the vodka in his red solo cup. corbyn watched him with a worried expression. "daniel.. i think that's enough."

"don't tell me what..what to do." he skirted and gulped the drink down. he stood up and stumbled to his bunk. "i do what i want." he mumbled to himself. "i'm fine." he whispered. "i'm fucking fine."

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