fifty five

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huge fucking time skip lmao



october 11th

daniel was shaken awake by corbyn early one morning. "what?" he whined, rolling on his stomach. corbyn chuckled and pulled the covers off his body. daniel let out another whine, and curled up in a ball.

"jack's in labor."

daniel rolled on his back, and rubbed his eyes. "what?"

"jack's in labor." corbyn repeated. daniel made an 'oh' sound and yawned. "it's only 5 AM, babe."

"it's early. why couldn't he go into labor at 5 PM." daniel huffed but sat up. another yawn escaped from his lips. corbyn laughed lightly, and helped him stand.

corbyn was already dressed, wearing only a plain grey hoodie and some jeans. daniel groaned and fell against corbyn, wrapping his arms around his neck. "i'm. tired."

"and there's coffee in the kitchen. morgan and alex are still asleep."

"mm. want coffee." he mumbled into his neck.

corbyn chuckled, and nodded his head. "i'll get the kids up."

daniel kissed his neck, and watched him leave the room. with a tired sigh, he went to his closet and pulled out a black windbreaker and some ripped jeans.

he threw them on their bed, and grabbed a green belt, and white shoes.

he quickly got changed, and washed up in the bathroom. he styled his hair to the side. he grabbed his wallet and phone and put them in his pocket before leaving the bedroom.

he flipped his phone as he went down the hall and to the kitchen where morgan was already eating some cereal. daniel kissed her head and went to the coffee machine.

"why are we up so early, dad?" she whined. daniel chuckled, she sounded exactly like him.

"because uncle jack is having a baby." he said softly, shutting the fridge after he poured out the milk. he leaned against the counter and looked at morgan while she talked.

"why'd he have to have a baby so early?" she wondered. daniel let out another laugh.

"love, i had alex way earlier than this."

"it's still early." she whined. daniel smiled at her and took a sip of the hot drink.

"you can sleep in the car, baby."

she continued to eat her breakfast while corbyn was walking out of alex's nursery. the baby did not look happy to be woken up so early.

"seems like no one is happy to be up right now." daniel hummed, taking alex from corbyn so he could get some coffee.

"yeah but there's a new little limelight on the way so i'm happy about that."

daniel hummed and grabbed some baby food for alex. since he was ten months old, he could eat mashed foods.

they quickly fed alex and ate what they wanted before they were out the door. once the kids were in their car seats, daniel and corbyn went to the front of the car.

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