thirty one

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happy dorbyn content so you guys don't kill me but the end is gonna be angst but still, don't kill me 🥺✌🏼

and i'm going to be putting the songs i listened to in the start of every chapter if i remember cause all these songs remind me of this depressing ass story so yeah


"daniel! get up, i'm taking you out!"

daniels eyes fluttered open. he was in he middle of a damn nap.

he thankfully didn't have the sudden urge to throw up. corbyn was currently going through his closet, pulling out a loose shirt and jeans with the boots he's been wearing currently.

daniel laid on his back, and looked at the clothes that corbyn literally threw at him.

"get changed. i'll be downstairs." corbyn smiled, and left daniel's room. with a heavy sigh, he rolled out of his all too comfortable bed, and went to the bathroom with the clothes.

he looked at his reflection, tenderly touching his bruised cheek. he shook his head lightly and took his sweater off. he looked at his small bump, and suddenly got all giddy.

he needs to tell corbyn, but he didn't know how. or when.

he pushed those thoughts away, and got ready. he put the shirt on, and took his sweats off, replacing them with his jeans. he styled his hair and put deodorant and cologne on. he brushed his teeth, and washed his face before moisturizing. he left the bathroom, and sat on the edge of his bed to put his white doc martens on before grabbing his phone, wallet and keys and left his room.

he walked into the kitchen where corbyn was on his phone. daniel smiled small at him, and sighed happily when corbyn stood up and pulled him into a hug. his arms were wrapped around his neck while corbyn's around his thin waist.

"you ready?"

daniel nodded his head. "where are you taking me, exactly?"

corbyn only smiled. "that's a surprise, bubs."


corbyn drove while daniel was in the passenger seat. his fingers were moving rapidly, a frown forming on his face. corbyn glanced over. "what's wrong?"

daniel looked over at him. "nothing." he said quietly, looking back down at his phone. eddie was mad at him. he didn't know why— he didn't do anything.

"okay." corbyn sighed and snatched daniels phone from his hands. he ignored his complaints, and huffed when corbyn threw his phone in the backseat, maybe even the trunk of the car.


corbyn chuckled. "the point of this day is to get you to be happy, dani."

"yet, i'm always sad."

corbyn gave him a look. "disconnect from the world, just for today. please?"

daniel sighed but smiled. "okay."

fuck he's so cute, corbyn said in his head, focusing on the road. he should try and move on and get daniel out of his head, but he couldn't.

he can't. because, his heart belongs to daniel, but he was too late. the sun was lowering as corbyn pulled into the parking lot of venice beach.

daniel smiled. he loves the beach. he quickly unbuckled his seat belt and got out of the car with corbyn. they shut the door and started to the sand.

corbyn grinned over at him and grabbed his hand. "come on."

the two ran over to the bonfire pits.

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