twenty six

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ik u guys want dorbyn, but it's gonna take a second for them to get together lol so enjoy all this angst and bromance-y fluff


"i really feel my heart breaking every two seconds." corbyn mumbled later that night. he was eating ice cream with jonah, zach and jack.

he finally told the two that he broke up with christina and that he was gay. he only had to tell daniel. (the boys somehow already knew because he wasn't slick with.. well, anything.)

"he's not home yet?" jack asked from where he was seated between zach's legs, his back pressed to his chest.

"nope." corbyn said, popping the p. jonah tsked, and pulled corbyn close to him. "well, not since i last been there. he might be home right now." he sighed, and shook his head. "i broke his heart, i shouldn't be complaining right now."

"corbyn, you have every right to feel the way you're feeling." zach said. corbyn looked over at him, his hands under jack's shirt, touching his stomach gently.

"do i? it doesn't feel that way, since i quite literally, ruined his life. it's clear, he can't trust anyone. his family hates him because of me-"

jonah covered his mouth with his hand, shutting him up. "corbyn, you have feelings. just because you quote on quote ruined his life, doesn't mean you have to suddenly stop having a crush on him."

corbyn only let out a sigh, and got out of bed. "i'm going on a walk. i'll be back later." he mumbled, and left zach's room. the three boys left in the room looked at each other with sad eyes.

outside, corbyn was kicking pebbles every once and a while. the wind was hitting his face, stinging his eyes. he blinked once, allowing tears to stream down his soft pale face.

he scoffed at himself, and hastily wiped the tears off his face. it's almost like wiping his tears didn't matter because when he looked up, it's like a waterfall.

daniel was in front of his house, eddie in front of him. the two were kissing, his hands placed over daniels ass. corbyn just stood there, looking broken.

"i had fun today." he heard eddie say to daniel. the blonde smiled up at him. his eyes flickered over to corbyn's figure, his smile dropping.


eddie twisted his head around to look at corbyn, a small smirk playing on his lips.

corbyn scoffed again, and turned on his heels, walking away quickly.

he heard daniel say something to eddie, but he didn't care. he didn't want to see them kiss ever again, not while he's alive, at least.

and if that meant avoiding daniel, then so be it.


he ignored him, and pulled the sleeves of his hoodie down, balling his hands into fists.

"corbyn, slow down!"

"go back to eddie, daniel." corbyn spat, making daniel flinch, because corbyn never yells.

"why are you acting like this?" daniel called out, stopping when corbyn stopped and turned around. his eyes red, cheeks. "why are you cry-"

"because i don't want to see you and eddie together!" corbyn sobbed out. daniel frowned.

"that's not up to you, corbyn. and plus, you're dating christina, i don't see how any of this applies to you."

corbyn shook his head. "i'm not dating her anymore." he said quietly, folding his arms over his chest. "i'm gay, and i have.. i like you, daniel."

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