twenty five

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the very next day, daniel walked into the hospital with bryana by his side. he went to the front desk and smiled kindly at the nurse. "i'm here for doctor morrison."


"daniel seavey."


daniel grabbed his wallet and pulled out his white card with his insurance information on it. the black lady typed on her computer and handed the card back to him.

"alright hon, floor five. good luck." she smiled and let the two pass. they went into the elevator and went to floor five. they went to the desk up there, and asked for doctor morrison.

"you must be daniel. i'm nurse mclane. i'll be your nurse here. go to room 5, i'll be right there."

daniel and bryana went to the room. he sat on the bed while bryana sat on the chair. minutes later, nurse mclane came in. "alright, so we are going to get your height, weight and blood pressure. come on down, and we'll get your height."

daniel stood up and went over to her. she measured him and wrote down his height on the clipboard.

"so for your weight, you'll gain a few pounds every day. it's totally normal. right now you are one fifty exactly. and for your blood pressure, stick out your arm please."

daniel did as told and watched her wrap the cuff around his arm. she inflated it, and waited a few moments before deflating it. "120/80. perfect. doctor morrison will be here shortly."

daniel gave her a small thank you and watched her leave the room. he swung his legs back and forth. about five minutes later, a tall redhead came into the room. "hey daniel! i'm doctor wendy morrison, but you can just call me wendy. i'm going to have you lay back for me."

she gently pushed at daniels shoulder so he would lay down. he lifted his shirt when she shook the gel. "this'll be a little cold."

she squirted the gel on his stomach, and rubbed the wand around. "everything looked good. strong heartbeat. now, doctor wilson told me that you were drinking before you knew about the pregnancy?"

daniel was definitely ashamed about that. bryana grabbed his hand. "yes."

wendy smiled at him and gently touched his knee. "don't worry about it, daniel. you stopped right away, which means the chances are slim. even if your child does experience FAS, it would be barely noticeable."

daniel nodded his head, and squeezed bryana's hand.

wendy continued to explain a few things, before they were allowed to leave. she gave him a list of foods that he was allowed to eat and not eat. plus, a new picture of his ultrasound. she told him that he would have to have a check up every week to make sure his baby was okay.

after dropping bryana off, daniel went straight home. he was planning on telling the boys soon, he just had no idea when. or how to do it.

he was also planning on moving back into the house that they bought when they first became a band. he was just so done with his family, and he didn't want to constantly stay with his friends. they had a life too.

he walked into his house and dropped his keys on the table. he walked into the kitchen and living room area. tyler was sitting at the table, flipping through some book.

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