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just when daniel thought he was going to be happy, really truly happy—

everything goes downhill.

and he knew he was going to get heartbroken sooner or later, that's just how daniel seavey's life works.

the boys were in new york. where christina lives. corbyn's girlfriend. oh boy.

it was dark out, but the streets were still busy despite the time. daniel was curled up on the couch, his eyes trained on the television as he took a sip of the strong alcohol.


the young boy looked up and smiled small at zach. he sighed and sat beside him, pulling him close. daniel shifted around and let himself relax against the youngest in the band.

daniel whined when zach pulled the bottle away from him, setting it on the nightstand. daniel could just get up and get it but he was all too comfortable.

zach lowered the volume on the television. "i think you've had enough for the night."

"mm, nev-never enough, zach." daniel slurred, rubbing his eyes harshly, like he was hiding the fact that he was crying. zach knew he was crying.

"what even triggered this?" zach whispered, clearly not knowing which state they were in. daniel mumbled something, and playing with his fingers. his eyes were trained on his cast, not wanting to look anywhere else.

"speak up, daniel." zach chided gently.

"we're in new york." he sighed, drying his face off with his sweater sleeve.

zach let out a noise, and held daniel tighter, which is really what he needed at the moment.

"just stay with me and jack, okay? not corbyn, not christina, just me, jack, jonah, eben or brynn, okay? that's it." zach said gingerly to the boy.

"'kay." he whispered, his eyes growing heavy from zach combing his hair back with his fingers.


"all i'm saying is, for the next day, don't force him to do anything with you. or christina."

"i won't."

"...why do you look sad?"

"zach, you know i suck at lying. i'm gonna end up spillin'. she has every right to be mad, but-"

"but nothing. if you spill, you spill. just explain everything."

daniel sat up with a groan, smiling small at corbyn. he rubbing his forehead, and stood up to stumble over to the bathroom.

zach and corbyn shared a look.

jack came out of the bunks, looking absolutely tiny in his all too big hoodie. he hugged zach from behind, and rests his head on his shoulder. the youngest broke out in a large grin and set his hands on top of jacks.

daniel was throwing up.

or- he threw up, and now he was sitting on the floor, his toothbrush in his mouth as he was trapped in his own thoughts.

he was tired.


he knew what he needed to do. corbyn sat on his bunk, his thumb hovering over christina's contact name.

she had every right to know. this has gone on for far too long, really.

he looked up when daniel came out of the restroom. he set his phone down on his lap and looked at the boy. his clothes were changed. he was wearing green- it brought out his eyes.

"you good?" corbyn asked, watching him sit down to put his shoes on. he nodded his head. he set his legs down, and grabbed his phone.

"i'll be outside." he said, walking away from corbyn.



not the best, but i'm too sad to try and write good rn but i'll try and get a double update out

not the best, but i'm too sad to try and write good rn but i'll try and get a double update out

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