twenty nine

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i know it's frustrating cause i'm not making dorbyn happen yet but literally, hang with me :') sorry if it's getting boring but i mean, shits gonna go down soon anyway 😬


corbyn woke up cold.

daniel wasn't on his chest. he sighed and rubbed his eyes. did daniel leave and not say anything? would things be awkward between the now?

his bathroom door opened, and daniel came out. corbyn mentally scolded himself for thinking the worst. daniel climbed back into the bed, and relaxed against corbyn.

corbyn tangled his fingers in daniels hair, and watched daniel doze off. he gently wiped a stray tear from his cheek. he grabbed his airpods and went on his phone.

he went on instagram, going through his feed, liking a few posts here and there. he was reading captions, and chuckling quietly.

he looked up on his screen when jack texted him.

hey have you heard from daniel recently? i've been texting him but he's not responding.

yeah he's at my house. why?

oh okay, is he okay?

yeah. kinda. he came into my room at like, 2 and was clearly upset. i think he's depressed. i dunno

oh! what did he want?


oh, well, is he okay now?

yeah he's sleeping

okay, i'll talk to him later :) i'm taking isla out for ice cream, i'll talk to you later <333

corbyn gently took daniels body off of his, and got out of bed. he stretched his body and went to the bathroom to wash up quickly.

once he was down, he made his way downstairs where his mom and dad were. ray smiled at his son, pulling him into a side hug when he went around the counter.

he took a sausage off the plate, and bit into it. saskia looked at her son with soft eyes. "is daniel okay?"

corbyn nodded his head and looked down. "he will be."

ray ruffled his hair, and walked away to the living room. saskia waited for him to turn on the television before she started talking to her son.

"have you told him?" she asked quietly. corbyn shook his head. she ran her fingers through his blonde hair. "it may not seem like it because he barely talks about the community, but he does support. he always has. just letting you know in case you were scared."

"okay, mom, that's creepy that you can literally read my mind." corbyn chuckled, and grabbed another sausage. saskia rolled her eyes playfully and went back to the stove.


"guys, he's been sleeping all day." corbyn said, from in jack's living room. "he woke up once and that was at 9 to go to the bathroom. it 6 now." corbyn worriedly exclaimed.

"when did you two start talking again?" jonah asked, crossing his arms. corbyn exhaled slowly.

"last night. he was emotional, and he asked me to hold him." corbyn explained. "i tried waking him up but he just pushed me away and flipped around."

"i say just let him sleep. when he wakes up, we'll ask him what was wrong." jack said reassuringly. corbyn took a deep breath and nodded his head.

"where's zach? you guys are never separated." corbyn asked. jack smiled at the mention of his boyfriend.

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