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"baby looks perfectly fine. heart beat is normal for a three month fetus." carrie said, looking at the small monitor on the table. jonah's mom ended up coming with ray.

daniel let out a breath he didn't know he was holding in, looking at his baby on the screen. the boys were scattered around the table, watching with wide eyes.

"i want a baby. give me a baby." jack said, pouting up at zach. the youngest chuckled, and pulled him so his back was against his chest.

morgan was sitting on corbyn's lap, a small ice pack pressed against her cheek from the brutal slaps delivered to her from eddie.

corbyn was holding onto daniels hand, as he laid down on the couch. corbyn held back his smile, as he started at his small baby moving around in daniels tummy.

"you should probably go to the hospital, get your head checked out." carrie said, wiping his stomach. daniel sat up with a small groan, grabbing the attention of everyone in the room.

carrie picked up morgan so corbyn could help daniel sit up. his lip wobbled from the pain. eben moved away from jonah, sitting behind daniel. he lifted up his shirt and gasped at the size of the bruise.

"daniel." eben whispered, touching the small of his back. jonah rushed over to his boyfriends side, and covered his mouth at the size of the bruise on his back and side.

"guys, what's wrong?" daniel asked worriedly. corbyn didn't want to look, so he just stayed in front of daniel, calming him down.

"umm.." jonah delicately ran his fingertips over the black and purple bruise. ray and carrie joined the two eldest, ray whispered an 'oh my god.'

"daniel, when you were laying down, how much did it hurt?" carrie asked gently, laying the sleeping morgan down on the other couch.

"i-i don't know, it was uncomfortable, mainly. i thought it was just because he kicked me."

"we have to get you to a hospital."

"why? no- corbyn, don't- why?" daniel asked, now in corbyn's arms.

"i think your back is broken."


"not broken, but definitely fractured. and, your skull is fractured. you'll need to go into surgery as soon as possible. it's completely safe for you to have surgery even with your pregnancy." wendy explained, the boys all sitting in the room with daniel on the bed.

the door opened, revealing a very much relieved keri. daniels shoulders sagged, and he extended his arms for his mother.

she wrapped her arms around his neck, kissing the side of his head. the boys looked at each other with a confused expression. when did they get along again?

"what's going on?" keri asked, letting daniel lean on her side while wendy explained everything again. she nodded her head and kissed the top of daniel's apparently fractured skull gently.

"so, it'll be best for him to have the surgery as soon as possible."

"can i um.. have a second with my mom?" daniel asked timidly, playing with his fingers. everyone nodded their heads and left the room.

keri sat down in front of her son. she placed her hands on his knees and looked up at him. tears flowed down his cheeks.

"mama i'm scared." he choked out, his head pounding. "he got put away,  i get it but he can get out at anytime and i know we weren't in the longest relationship but he scares me and i don't want him to scare my kid or morgan i-" he broke down in his mother's arms, her thin shirt getting soaked in his tears.

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