fifty six

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five years later

september 17th

"i'm pregnant. again." daniel exclaimed to bryana. "he's been bottoming since i gave birth to alex. which, may i remind you, was five years ago! except for once! and then the one time i decide to bottom bam! i'm pregnant!"

"daniel." she said laughing. "you do have a uterus. he doesn't. and condoms do exist you know."

"no! i have a dick!"

bryana rolled her eyes, and snatched the test out of his hands. "how are you gonna tell him? and when was the last time you had sex?"

"i don't know! and like. uh. six ish weeks ago?"

"you're pregnant with another baby!" she squealed, and jumped around. daniel groaned and fell on her couch.

he was excited. but he didn't want another baby yet. maybe he did. he didn't know. but it's whatever.

he has another little peanut on the way.


"hey babies, i want to talk to you." corbyn said, swiftly picking up alex. morgan, the now ten year old, sat down on the couch, rolling her eyes when she had to hold alex.

"so. as you both know, we are going on another tour, and i wanted to ask you guys something."

"okay." morgan answered for the both of them, bouncing the five year old on her lap.

"zach is planning to propose to jack on the first show. and because we're planning on killing all the fans, i was planning on proposing to daniel as well." he smiled seeing both his kids smile. "i just. this isn't just about daniel, it's about you guys too. if we get married it'll change your guys life as well. so i wanted your permission to propose to him."

"yes! yes yes yes!"

corbyn chuckled at morgan's reaction, and stood up. alex clapped his hands and giggled when corbyn kissed his forehead.

moments later, daniel came walking through the door with a smile on his face. a small rectangular box was in his hands.

"hey love." corbyn smiled, pecking his lips softly.

"sit down. on the floor. all of you." daniel said giddily. as time went on, he grew more and more excited for this baby.

corbyn didn't question his boyfriends actions, and just sat down with alex between his legs and morgan next to him.

"soooo.. how do you guys feel about having another sibling? and another kid?" daniel asked, opening the small box to reveal the pregnancy test.

"holy shit." corbyn breathed out, tears forming in his eyes. daniel bit his lip, containing his smile as he looked at his lover.

he let alex stand up as morgan and him dancing around the living room happily, and he pulled daniel on his lap, smashing their lips together.

his hands gently touched his stomach. their tongues for for dominance, daniel pushing corbyn on the floor, not caring about his kids who were probably dancing around in the living room.

corbyn gripped his ass, and heard his kids giggle and run away. daniel smiled, and pulled away from corbyn.

"there are children present, besson." daniel whispered, moving his hands off his ass, and pinned his hands to the floor above his head.

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