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during the meet and greet, everyone was gentle with daniel. no one asked what the post was about, they only gave him hugs and lovely gifts.

a girl came up to him, she couldn't have been older than maybe five or six. she waddled up to him with a bright smile.

"oh gosh you are the cutest girl ever." he gasped, picking her up. she wrapped her small arms and legs around his neck and waist.

"oh god, i'm so sorry!"

daniel looked over at the teenage boy. he smiled gently at him. "sister?"

"yeah.. uh, she really likes you guys. i got her meet and greet tickets." he said. daniel smiled, handing the girl over to jonah.

"what's her name?" jonah asked. "and yours?"

"uh, i'm eddie. that's morgan."

"well, morgan, what pose do you want us to do?" jonah asked the girl in his arms. she whispered something in his ear. he chuckled and nodded his head. "daniel.. you get to piggyback ride corbyn and same goes for jack but with zach and i get to hold this adorable girl. sucks to suck."

daniel clenched his jaw, but nevertheless, he looked at corbyn. the older boy nodded his head, and he jumped up on his back.

when they took the picture, daniel quickly got off of corbyn, and backed away from him.

he needed a drink.

after the show, daniel walked into the green room and stopped when he saw an angry looking bryana. the girl stood up angrily, and marched over to the boy, who held no emotion in his eyes.

"what the hell is wrong with you?" she seethed. daniel shrugged and grabbed a bottle of water.

"no one cares, bry. just drop it."

"drop it? oh you are so lucky there are people in this room daniel or else i would slap the shit out of you."

he rolled his eyes and took off his jacket, leaving him in shirtless. "bryana. i'm fine. it was a mistake, and no one cared today. you drink all the time."

"there are still people who take this shit seriously, daniel! i'm of age! don't change the topic, this is going to-"

"i can deal with it!" he said, his voice starting to raise slightly.

"what the hell is wrong with you?" she shook her head, tears filling her eyes.

"it's just alcohol. i don't see why you, or any of you for that matter are making a big deal out of it." daniel said loudly for everyone to hear. the room went silent. "i can drink all i want and i don't want anyone giving me shit for it."


"shut up, jack. i'm fine. just fine. i can drink myself silly and i'm sure as hell not going to stop." he said, grabbing his things and leaving the room. he stormed off to the bus. the bus driver shared him a smile, which he did not return. he dropped his things and punched the wall.

multiple times he punched the wall, which caused a hole by the bathroom.

when he heard a crack in his hand, he stopped punching. "shit." he whispered, looking down at his bruised hand. he bit his lip harshly, and walked over to a cabinet. he found ibuprofen, and took four pills. he then went to his bunk and stripped his clothes, putting on a hoodie and shorts instead.

he went to the kitchen and got a plastic bag, going to the ice machine in the freezer and got some ice, putting it in the bag and went back to his bunk. he placed the ice on his hand and went on his phone.

the next day when daniel woke up, the bag of ice was now water. he heard giggles coming from the kitchen and he knew it was christina.

he sat up with a groan, holding his hand close to his chest. he kicked the curtain open. he was face to face with jack. the younger boy looked like he just woke up. he just stared blankly at the curly haired boy.

"do you need something?" he mumbled, rubbing his eyes with his good hand.

"i need you to stop being an ass." jack said and stood up to walk away from daniel.

the brunette sighed. he stood up, slowly walking into the lounging area. jonah, zach and jack were all seated on the couches, and corbyn and christina were in the kitchen. everyone stopped what they were doing to look at him.

"did you do that?" jonah asked, nodding his head over to the hole in the wall.

"what does it look like." daniel said dryly, holding up his hand for everyone to see.

"daniel.." corbyn said cautiously.

"i'm fine. i just need a cast."

"well.. we're almost to the hotel. from there we'll call an uber and get you to the hospital." zach said, wrapping his arm around jack, letting him curl up next to him.

"okay." he mumbled, grabbing a poptart from the table and went back to his bed.

he shut the curtain and laid back down. he grabbed his phone. he bit the inside of his cheek and sent a message to bryana

bry i'm sorry about yesterday.

bry 💕
it was my fault, i pushed you, i shouldn't have

yeah well i shouldn't have lost my shit. you were just trying to help

bry 💕
it's okay, baby. are you feeling better?

a bit yeah. i broke my hand though

bry 💕
the fuck? how?

i punched a wall.

bry 💕
oh baby


daniel looked up from his phone, sighing when he saw corbyn. the blonde sat down across from him, turning on the light in the bunk. he made sure the curtain was closed. "what?"

"i just wanted to see if you were okay." corbyn said softly, his eyes holding back tears. he hated seeing daniel like this.

"i'm fine, corbyn." he said quietly. "please don't cry."

"how could i not?" he whispered, taking daniels broken hand in his. "you're hurting yourself everyday."

daniel wiped his tear off his cheek. a light blush coated corbyn's face, as he looked down at the bruising hand.

the younger boy dropped his hand.

"i'm fine, corbyn."


i want a baby, i have baby fever, but i'm only sixteen 🥰

i want a baby, i have baby fever, but i'm only sixteen 🥰

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