fifty one

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i asked, y'all wanted, so y'all shall receive


daniel woke up to someone running. he sighed softly, and rolled off of corbyn. the bus was moving steadily to their next location, daniel had no idea where, but all he knew is that he and corbyn were further away from their babies.

he left the warm bunk, and stumbled over to the bathroom, since the light was on. the light hum of the engine was heard and soft sobs coming from the bathroom.

daniel frowned, and gently knocked on the door.


"jack? what's wrong?" daniel asked softly. he heard a quiet click, and he slid the door open, and closed it. he saw the throw up on the corner of his lips. "oh." he quietly whispered, grabbing a small wad of toilet paper and wetting it with water.

after he rang it out, he sat in front of the boy who was playing with his fingers— as if he had just gotten in trouble.

daniel wiped his lips gently, and threw it out after.

"did you eat something bad?" daniel asked quietly, brushing his sweaty hair back.

"i don't know. no. i don't think. i've been throwing up for a week now. i'm done with it." jack groaned. the bus slowly came to a stop, and daniel cleared his throat.

"jack.." daniel said. he looked at him expectingly. "yeah, um, go.. stay here."

daniel stumbled to stand, and rushed out of the bathroom. he put his shoes on and grabbed his wallet from the counter in the lounge. he stepped out of the bus, and breathed in the fresh air. kelly was filling the bus up with gas.

"its open." she smiled, referring to the small store they were by. he jogged over to the small store.

he walked in and grabbed random snacks that both him, jack, and kelly liked. he knew jack would need comfort food if he was pregnant.

so, once he got everything, including the pregnancy test, he quickly paid, and ran back to the bus with the bags in hand. kelly was sitting in the drivers seat on her phone.

he handed her the bag of snacks. she smiled up at him, and pulled him down for a kiss on his cheek. "thank you my love."

"anything for you, kels." he grinned, and made his way to the lounge. he left the bag on the counter but took the box out.

he kicked his shoes off, and went to the bathroom where jack still was. he toss the box to him, his eyes widened when he saw what it was.


"yes. pee on the stick."

"i'm not pregnant." he shook his head, and set the box down.

"you're the one who wants a baby, jay." daniel chuckled. "just pee on the stick. i'll be outside."

"can..can you stay?" jack whispered, not feeling like being alone. "you've been pregnant, i need you to keep me calm."

daniel laughed lightly and nodded his head.


"it's wrong."

"clearly, it's not. you can see the very dark line."

"what do i tell zach?"

"you should tell him now." daniel said quickly. "don't wait. trust me, don't wait."

"i said what, not when." jack whined. daniel gave him a look.

jack bit his lip, and looked at the test in his hands. he stood up, leaving daniel alone. the brunette yawned, and stretched his arms above his head.

he took his phone out, and went on instagram until jack came out with a very sleepy zach. the youngest plopped down on the couch. "care to tell me what this is about?" he yawned.

jack cleared his throat.

zach quickly got concerned for his older boyfriend. he saw that he was tense and nervous. "baby, what's wrong?"

"um.." he said shakily, shying away from zach. "i uh.."

"jack, what's wrong?" zach asked, now fully awake and concerned. jack couldn't talk. he couldn't bring himself to say it. zach looked over at daniel. "d, what's wrong?"

"uh." daniel looked up at jack, since he was sitting on the couch, for permission to speak. the curly headed boy nodded his head, and let zach hold onto his hands. "jack's.. pregnant."

zach broke eye contact with daniel, and looked up at jack. because he was the only one standing. jack was silently crying, which he does a lot and it worries all the boys because they don't know if he's breathing or not.

zach looked down at jack's covered stomach, then back up at him. a small smile appeared on his lips. he stood up, and kissed his forehead. he wrapped his arms around his waist, pulling him into a tight hug.

"i love you, baby boy."

"you're not mad?" he sniffed, and pulled back to see the look on zach's face.

"why would i be mad, jack? we're going to have a baby, something you really want. something i really want." he whispered. jack licked his lips, a small giggle erupting from him.

"i love you. like. a lot." he sighed happily. daniel beamed, and left the lounge while jack and zach were making out. he slipped back into the bunk, and curled up beside corbyn.

the blonde opened his eyes, and touched daniel's hip. "where'd you go?" he rasped, pulling the brunette close. daniel's head was under his chin, his face pressed against his chest.

"i was with jack." he said gently, kissing his adam's apple. corbyn hummed. daniel pulled his head back a bit so he could look at corbyn. granted, he couldn't really see his face since it was almost pitch black.

but he knew where his lips were. he rolled corbyn on his back, and kissed him firmly from where he was, straddling his hips.

corbyn easily kissed back, creeped his hands under his shirt. daniel shivered at the touch. a moan made daniel pull away in shock. corbyn bursted out in laughter.

"jachary needs to chill."

"yeah, they really do." he chuckled. he pecked his lips once more, before sliding down. their legs were tangled together, daniel's face stuffed against corbyn's neck.

"i love you." daniel whispered, kissing his neck.

"i love you too."


i sometimes wish death wasn't a thing. but it's a process of life. updates are going to be much slower until my head clears up. (it shouldn't take too long)

stay safe, please 🕊🖤

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