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"no way! you came!"

corbyn pulled andrew into a tight hug. the younger boy laughed, and hugged him back. "i was surprised that there were still tickets left, let alone meet and greets."

"corbyn! let me hide behind you." jack squealed, hiding behind the taller boy. he let go of andrew and chuckled.


"fans want to hear my giggle or whatever and zach said he would tickle me and i don't want that." jack said lowly, peeking over corbyn's shoulder to see where zach was. he was in fact, talking to jonah.

"oh. well, andrew, this is jack. jack, this is andrew."

jack looked at andrew, then looked at corbyn, and frowned. "..can i talk to you really quick?" he asked corbyn.

"sure. i'll be right back." he said to andrew, who nodded his head, and went on his phone. jack dragged him to the trash can by the green room.

"you slept with him, didn't you?" he said accusingly.

"so what if i did." he huffed and crossed his arms. jack gave him a look.

"what about christina? or daniel?"

"i broke up with her. and what about daniel? he's talking to someone right now. and i ruined him, i don't want to ruin this as well." corbyn said, playing with his fingers now.

"i'm sorry, you broke up with her? when?"

"new york. i.." corbyn almost said that he was gay. he was, he isn't denying it now. and it was jack. he can trust jack, he can trust all of them. "i came out to her."

jack's eyes softened, and he immediately pulled him into a hug. a grin appeared on his lips, holding his waist tightly. "i'm proud of you, bean."

"thanks, jay." he mumbled, kissing his mop of curls. "we better get back."


after the show, corbyn told jon to let andrew come back stage. corbyn was just putting on a fresh shirt when the door opened.

he looked over and smiled small when daniel entered. "hey." he whispered, taking his shirt off and plopping down on the black leather couch.

corbyn sat on the other couch, waiting for the shower to be free. "i think jack and zach are fucking in there." he heard daniel mumble, causing corbyn to laugh lightly.

the door opened again, and corbyn's mood lifted. "hey."

andrew smiled shyly, feeling intimidated by daniels stare. "uh.. hi. did i walk in on something?"

"nope. daniel, this is andrew, andrew, daniel."

daniel forced a smile, and looked down at his phone. he plugged in, not wanting to listen to his and andrews conversation, not having enough energy to care.

minutes went by, and jack and zach finally left the shower, jack with an evident limp. zach looked over at andrew, but didn't question it. instead, he harshly slapped jack's ass, and ran away when he threw his shoe at him.

"i'm gonna take a quick shower, corbyn. unless you want to go first."

corbyn smiled and shook his head. "knock yourself out."

he watched the boy walk into the bathroom, and when the door clicked shut, he let out a sigh and sunk back in the couch. andrew's jaw dropped.

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