fifty two

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"you do know you can't have sex when you're pregnant, right?" daniel chuckled the next morning. jonah was eben's small bus, corbyn was still sleeping, so it was only him, jack and zach.

"oh, we didn't. just a few bj's." zach smirked, and ate his goldfish. jack blushed, and shyly drank his tea.

daniel rolled his eyes. "right. i'll be back."

when daniel was in his bunk, zach leaned over to kiss his boyfriend lovingly. jack smiled, the hot mug still in his hand as he kissed back.

the younger boy took the mug out of his hands, and set it down on the small counter by the sofa they were sitting on. he laid jack down, their lips slowly moving against one another.

zach kissed down his neck, leaving small love bites along the tanned skin. jack bit his lip, gently scratching down his clothed back.

"you have." zach mumbled against his neck. "my baby." he then said against his lips. jack beamed, running his fingers through his hair. "in your stomach. right now."

jack wrapped his legs around his waist, and let out a small giggle. "you're gonna be a real daddy now... daddy."

zach abruptly pulled back from jack and sent him a glare. "you're so so lucky i can't fuck the living shit out of you right now."

jack innocently smiled, and rolled out of zach's grip. he slowly walked past corbyn's bunk, where the older boy peacefully slept on top of daniel.

the younger out of the two gently played with his flattened blond hair, occasionally kissing his head while he mindlessly scrolled through his phone.

corbyn stirred quietly, and lazily stretched his limbs. he relaxed with a heavy sigh and blinked his eyes open. daniel set his phone down beside him and wrapped his arms around his waist, pulling him impossibly closer.

corbyn yawned against daniels neck, snuggling close to the younger boy.

"don't wanna move." corbyn mumbled tiredly, his eyes slipping shut again. daniel pecked his flattened hair, and hummed.

"you don't have to for another 9 hours." daniel chuckled, knowing corbyn would be out of bed in only a few minutes.

corbyn huffed, leaning up looking daniel in his eye. he stared at him and frowned. "you're literally.. so beautiful?"

daniel blushed lightly, and rolled his eyes. he grabbed the back of corbyn's neck, and pulled his face down, connecting their lips.

corbyn let out a small whimper at the force. he felt daniel's hands slowly travel down to his ass. corbyn bit daniel's bottom lip gently, pushing his hair back.

"i'm gonna shower." corbyn whispered against his lips. "you're welcome to join." he smirked, and slipped off daniel. the younger groaned.

"i thought you wanted to stay in bed all day!"

corbyn hummed, and went to the bathroom, not knowing jack was in there throwing up. he immediately called out for zach, and crouched down beside the boy.

"jacky, breathe." corbyn soothed, dampening a towel to wipe the sweat off his forehead.

zach came rushing in, kneeling next to his pregnant boyfriend.

"do we need to cancel?" corbyn asked quickly, not knowing that jack was currently preggo. jack shook his head.

"n-no i'm good. i'm good." he panted. daniel came around soon, a small bottle of ginger ale in his hands for jack since he heard all the commotion. so he just figured jack was throwing up.

jack offered daniel a smile, and grabbed the bottle after flushing the toilet and leaning back against zach. the youngest kissed his exposed neck, his hands splayed on top of jack's stomach.

corbyn blinked. he looked down at jack's stomach, and then to daniel— and it all clicked. really fast. daniel did the same thing when he was only a few weeks along.

because all corbyn was doing was staring at him, but let's not talk about that.

"holy shit!" corbyn exclaimed standing up next to daniel. the brunette touched the small of his back. "you're-you're pregnant!"

"uh.." jack looked up at him with wide eyes. "no you?"

daniel looked at corbyn. "you better not be."

"i'm not. you are though." corbyn said, already excited for another small little baby on the way. "and, i'll let you have the babies. i don't want a human in me." corbyn said quietly to daniel.

"well.. yeah. i'm pregnant. we have to tell jo and eben." jack sighed, snuggling closer to zach. "maybe when the busses need to get gassed up again?"

"whatever you want, jack." zach hummed, kissing the top of his head.

so when the bus came to a slow stop, the four boys left the bunks, and made their way to eben's bus. they all went on, jonah's face lit up when he saw his four best friends.

"hey guys."

jonah was relaxed against eben, who was on his phone. jack skipped over and snatched eben's phone out of his hands, dismissing his complaints.

they all sat on the opposite couch, except for corbyn. he was raiding the pantry. brandon was taking his midday nap, which was normal for the drummer.

"so um." jack started off, clearing his throat. zach set his hand on his thigh. "you guys are going to be uncles. again?" jack questioned, looking at corbyn since he was the smart one. he nodded and shrugged. "congratulations."

jonah and eben just stared at jack. "the fuck are you on about?" eben asked, catching his phone that zach tossed back at him.

"i'm.. pregnant."

"oh... shit." jonah slowly said. jack licked his lips and nodded his head. was jonah mad? "well, i call dibs on planning the gender reveal party."



i got lazy at the end :')

i love u guys a whole ton and i also didn't want to seem like a "attention seeker" with saying that :/ but anyway, u all have my heart ☺️💛💛

xoxo credit to littlecorbyn for killing me w this picture at school 🥰💘

xoxo credit to littlecorbyn for killing me w this picture at school 🥰💘

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