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serious face on w a slight fever ;)


tour was about to start up again and the two didn't want to leave alex and morgan behind. (who they ended up adopting just days before they were going to leave, so we was now morgan besson, since, daniel doesn't want his last name, if the two ever got married. and let's be honest, they probably are.)

but, they knew the kids would be okay, they have daniels mom, corbyn's family, the boys families and bryana and gabbie. they would be okay.

they were packing up the tour bus. daniel was biting his thumb anxiously. corbyn walked up to him, and kissed his shoulder. "relax love. they'll be okay."

"i know." he whispered and turned around. he wrapped his arms around his neck and sighed, shaking his head. "it's just.. we won't see them for a month. i'm.. i'm not sure i'm ready to leave them yet."

"i know. i get it." corbyn said gently, slipping his hands under his sweater, touching his soft skin. "but they'll be coming with us to the europe, australia, new zealand and asia tour and where ever else we may go. they'll facetime us, bubba."

daniel nodded his head. he kissed his lips lovingly. corbyn leaned forward slightly, making daniel's back arch, and his bent his arms by the elbow so he could tangle his fingers in his hair, the soft clicked of their lips being heard.

daniel pulled him closer, feeling lightheaded from not breathing, but he just wanted to kiss corbyn until he passed out. he loves him.

he wants to marry him.

he wants another kid with him. maybe not yet, but soon, definitely soon. he wants a dog, a pitbull because they're gentle. and cute. something to protect their kids when they weren't around.

he wants corbyn to stop apologizing. he wants him to be happy again.

he wants the boys to be in his life forever as selfish as that sounds.

he was so in love, it hurts.

corbyn slowly pulled away, their breathing hard and heavy. "i um.. i love you. so much." daniel said lowly, a grin appearing on his lips when corbyn pulled him into a bone crushing hug.

"i love you too, daniel."


at limelight, all the fans were really really gentle. especially with daniel. he answered all questions. corbyn came over to him a few times to check up on him.

questions like, was morgan on the livestream, reactions on your pregnancy, will the song he played on the livestream be released as a studio version.

so they were now in the green room while eben was preforming. keri, saskia and morgan were all out in the arena, daniel was bouncing alex around.

corbyn was taking a video of daniel dancing around to eben with alex in his arms, posting it on his instagram story. daniel sat down next to corbyn, keeping alex in his arms as he pecked the olders lips lovingly.

"time to change boys." jon said, barging into the room. daniel and corbyn both kissed alex on his chubby cheeks, and handed him over to jon's wife.

corbyn and daniel were the first ones out, already changed in their black outfits. they walked behind the stage, their fingers locked together.

daniel was nervous, corbyn could tell. he wasn't nervous. at all. he was ecstatic to go back on stage. daniel's hands were shaking, even with his fingers laced with his boyfriends.

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