thirty seven

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i risked my life and wrote a majority of this in school


now back in LA, the boys can clearly tell that daniel has gotten even more depressed then he already was. he had an appointment today, and corbyn was going to go to that one, but he needed daniel to get out of bed.

him and bryana stared at the lump under the duvets. their arms crossed over their chests as they looked at the boy. corbyn sighed, and he walked over to the bed. he kneeled down. and took the covers off his head.

"dani. we have to go to the doctors, love." he said softly, running his fingers through his hair soothingly. he opened his eyes. corbyn smiled softly at him. "hey. we have to go so we aren't late, d."

"wanna sleep." he whispered, flipping onto his other side.

corbyn twisted his head to look at bryana. she bit her lip, and left the room to call the doctor to tell her that they would most likely be late.

corbyn slipped into the bed, and pulled daniel onto his body. the boy squirmed. he wanted to be held by corbyn, but he didn't want eddie finding out.

"calm down. daniel, calm down." corbyn said calmly, holding onto his squirming body.

"n-no, corbyn-"

"daniel. sweetheart, relax." corbyn chided gently, feeling the boy finally melt in corbyn's arms. he bit his smile back when he felt his pregnant stomach against his. "we have to go to your appointment, dani. you've been sleeping all day."

"'cause i'm tired." he whispered. "i don't want to go."

"you have to. on our way back we'll get you something to eat, and then you can go back to sleep, how's that?"

so, corbyn had daniel sit up. he helped him put on sweat pants and socks. daniel swung his legs off the bed, and slipped his slides on.

corbyn grabbed his hands, and forced him to stand. tears filled his eyes. he felt pathetic. he was being babied around by corbyn all because he didn't want to get out of bed.

they shuffled out of his room, and to the kitchen bryana was waiting. she shared a soft smile. "doctor wendy said that we could come in whenever he was okay."

"you should know this by now." daniel said brokenly. "i'm never okay."


"hey daniel." wendy said gently, seeing the sad boy on the bed. he smiled small at her and laid back. she looked over at corbyn when she sat down. "who's this?" she asked, lifting his shirt up.

"corbyn. he's the father." he whispered, looking up at the ceiling. he felt the gel fall on his stomach.

"oh! nice to meet you, corbyn." she smiled and rubbed the wand around his stomach. he heard the heartbeat, and tears streamed down his cheeks.

corbyn watched with amazement. daniel reached out for his hand, corbyn taking it. their fingers laced together, and corbyn just stared at the screen in awe.

daniel kept his eyes on the ceiling, not wanting to look at the small baby on the screen.

"perfectly healthy. except the heartbeat is a little slow.." she trailed off, typing something on the computer. daniel shut his eyes, holding his sob back. "the baby itself looks fine, daniel." she said reassuringly.

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