twenty one

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fuck. fuck fuck fuck.

daniel only slept with one boy, and one boy only— corbyn. they haven't had sex in a while but he's been throwing up for sometime now, and he thought it was the alcohol.


"oh my god." he pressed his hand to his mouth, feeling tears well up in his eyes. if he hurt this baby from alcohol, he'll never forgive himself.

how would corbyn react to this? does he even want a child? does he even want to be with daniel? oh how this complicates everything.

how the hell would eddie react? if he told him that he was pregnant with corbyn's kid. he would actually leave corbyn out of it, just because it's the right thing to do.

his head was spinning. he's always wanted a kid, everyone says he's great with kids, but god, not right now. while they're on tour! they're always busy, always on the road.

"daniel? you've been in there for a while, you good?" corbyn knocked on the door gently. daniel looked up, and wiped his tears that fell.

"yeah! yeah, i'll be out in a minute." he said, cleaning up his mess. he flattened the box out and put it in his sweatpant pocket. he put the stick in his sweater pocket.

he washed his hands and face. after drying them off, he stepped out of the bathroom and went straight to the kitchen.

"my family is out for the day. so it's just us." he smiled, and handed him a bottle of water. he took it with a small smile, and sat on the bar stool.

"can i ask you a question?" he asked shakily.

"of course." corbyn replied.

"have you ever wanted a kid?" he leaned back in the chair and looked at corbyn. the older boy stared at him. of course he's wanted a kid.

"uh.. well, yeah. not anytime soon, but definitely sometime in the future." he nodded with a shrug. "why do you ask?"

"just wondering." he said, barely above a whisper. corbyn walked around the counter, and was now in front of daniel.

"what's wrong? you're crying." he pointed out, cupping his face in his hands.

daniel shook his head, and swiped his hands across his face to dry his face. "i don't know. i don't know, i'm always sad for no reason, it's annoying." he mumbled. he didn't even crack a smile when corbyn pulled him into a hug. his face was hidden by his neck, his arms stayed on his lap, while corbyn had his arms around his neck.

he felt himself get lifted up. corbyn carried him over to the couches, and set him down. corbyn sat down next to him and wrapped his arm around his broad shoulders.

daniel relaxed against him, and pulled his phone out.

eddie 🔆
when do you wanna meet up?

daniel bit his lip, and held back his sigh.

tomorrow? we couldn't hang out forever though cause i'm going to a blackpink concert with my friend

eddie 🔆

eddie 🔆

my friend bryana.

eddie 🔆
oh okay, where do you wanna meet?

the beach at noon?

eddie 🔆
okay:) i'm in la for a month or so, so we can hang for a while

yayyy :))

daniel set his phone down, missing the sad look in corbyn's eye. he shut his eyes, and wrapped his arms around his stomach.

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