thirty six

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i apologize in advance.


"eddie.. what are you doing here?" daniel asked. they were now in japan, daniel now twelve weeks pregnant. after this week he would be moving onto his second trimester. his doctor back in LA had contacted people in japan and australia for daniel to go to.

but now, eddie was standing in front of his hotel room door, with a smile on his lips. "i had to come for work, so i figured why not surprise my boyfriend."

"right.." daniel trialed off, his two month pregnant belly being hidden by his big shirt. he walked into his room, letting eddie follow him.

"i'm sorry for calling you a slut, dani." eddie sighed sitting down on his bed. daniel merely shrugged, and grabbed some fruit from the room service he ordered.

"you're just calling me what i am, right?" he mumbled, crossing his arms over his stomach.

eddie rolled his eyes. "don't be like that. you were kissing corbyn on the beach. i had every right to call you that."

daniel bit his lip, and nodded his head. "okay." he whispered. he went to his suitcase to grab a white sweater and black jeans and his boots. he went to the bathroom to change.

when he closed the door, he felt tears roll down his cheeks. he flipped onto his back, covering his mouth with his hand. he inhaled, and cleared his throat, jumping when eddie knocked on the door.

he quietly locked it and hummed.

"you know, if we're dating, you can change in front of me."

daniel forced a laugh. "i'm good." he whispered, and quickly changed his clothes and left the bathroom. he jumped when eddie slapped his ass, and went into the bathroom.

daniel swallowed thickly, and put his pajamas back in his suitcase. he heard the toilet flush and his name being called out. "daniel?"

"yeah?" he responded, tying his shoes up. eddie came around the corner with a smile.

"a couple of my friends are throwing a party in a club. you're coming with."

"um.. i-i don't know-"

"i think you owe me. i've had a shitty week at work from you deciding to hoe around with your bandmate." eddie snapped, glaring at the younger. he lightly blinked, and nodded his head. his hands getting clammy.



daniel shifted around uncomfortably in the club. he was squished against the wall of the booth. eddie sitting next to him, along with four of his other friend.

they were all drinking and laughing loudly except for daniel. he was on his phone, huddled up against the corner. he was staring at the picture that the fan took when him and corbyn were at the beach.

corbyn did get called a cheater, but he not christina spoke out about it. he just stayed quiet.

"does he not speak?" he heard one of eddie's friends say to him. eddie glanced over at daniel and rolled his eyes. "is he a mute or something?"

"i swear the only thing he's good at is sex." eddie cackled loudly, causing daniel to flinch and look up at him.

"we-we never-"

"oh! he speaks!" eddie gasped. daniel licked his lips nervously. they never had sex. they've been dating for only a few weeks. unless he-

no. daniel didn't even want to think like that. the thought of him doing something so horrid made him want to hurl.


daniel looked down at the beer eddie slid over to him. he gave him a look. "you know i can't eddie." he whispered.

"i don't care. that baby isn't mine, i don't care what happens to it." he spat, forcing the beer in his hand.

"how could you say that?" daniels voice shook. tears threatening to spill. eddie's eyes grew dark, and he brought his hand to his cheek, slapping the boy hard.

daniel stayed quiet. tears fell down his cheeks as eddie forced the drink up to his lips, and tilted it back so the alcohol spilled into his mouth.

it burned his throat as he swallowed it. it burned in a good way. he wanted more, but he couldn't. he shoved eddie's hand away, and pushed him and his friend out of the booth until he was standing.

he needed to break down.

"daniel? daniel! babe where are you goi-"

daniel ran out of the club as fast as his pregnant body could take him. the people on the streets watched the boy as he sprinted down the crowded area, until he got to the hotel.

he ran in, ignoring the few fans that were outside. he ran to the elevator, impatiently waiting for the elevator.

when it did come, he got in and pressed floor 6. he let out heavy and shaky pants. he watched the floor levels rise until he reached floor six. the doors opened, and he went straight to his room.

he slammed the door shut as soon as he got in, which alarmed the boys that were in separate rooms.

he fell on his bed with his shoes still on, tears soaking the pillow beneath his head. the door opened, and his eyes fell shut. he flipped onto his other side away from the door.

"daniel? you okay?"

"yeah." he called out, holding onto his stomach protectively.

he humiliated him. in front of his friends. boyfriends aren't supposed to do that.

"hey, what's wrong?" corbyn asked gently, touching his shoulder, a frown forming on his delicate features when daniel flinched.

he hit him.

daniel knew he was stressed. maybe he was just.. he loved him. eddie loved daniel.

no.. that's..

"daniel. bub."

jonah this time gently touched daniels arm, and he lost it. he sat up and shook violently. "n-no! no, don't... don't touch me."

"okay.. okay, daniel. can you tell me what's wrong?" jonah asked softly. daniel shook his head. he laid back down, facing away from corbyn and jonah. "bubby, i want you to talk to me." daniel stayed silent. "if not me then meave."

"i don't.. i don't wanna talk. i don't want to." he blabbered, feeling someone take his shoes off for him. zach crouched down in front of him. his shirt was off and he was wearing grey sweatpants.

"what happened to your cheek?" he asked quietly, touching the tender skin. he jerked his head away.

"nothing." he whispered. "nothing happened."

forgive and forget, right?



... i'm moving this quickly so i can get dorbyn to happen

 i'm moving this quickly so i can get dorbyn to happen

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