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"how are you?"



"sorry, mom."

daniel laid on his side, drunkenly facetiming his mom. keri looked at her son with such sad eyes.

"daniel, honey, you need to stop with the drinking."

"can you get off my ass about it?" daniel mumbled, turning onto his back.

"daniel james seavey, you listen to me, and you listen to me good. i have no idea what is going on through your head right now. i hate seeing my son, who is out living his best life, drinking himself silly. you get your act together, and get it together fast, daniel. your father and i are done seeing you ruin your life like this. call me when you have everything situated."

and she hung up.

he threw his phone across his bed, rubbing his face harshly with his hands. it's not like he would just stop drinking. he won't.

daniel, when he was finally sober, climbed into corbyn's bunk. the blonde boy was on his phone when daniel crawled in. it was late at night, everyone fast asleep. he set his phone down, looking at daniel with a worried expression.

"how are you fe-"

"i don't want to talk about it. just kiss me." he whispered, pushing corbyn down so he was laying flat on his back. he sat on the older hips, leaning down until their breath mixed together. corbyn grabbed his neck, smashing their lips together.

daniel whimpered, feeling corbyn sit back up. his hands went around the brunettes hips, and daniel's fingers tangled in corbyn's blonde locks.

daniel gasped when corbyn's lips found his neck. he gently rolled his hips, allowing the older boy to slip off his hoodie.

daniel felt corbyn's lips all over his body, they made him feel like he was on fire.

corbyn leaned forward, so daniel fell on his back, their lips still attached. corbyn slipped his fingers under the waistline of his sweats, pulling them down to his ankles, letting the boy kick them off. corbyn took off his own pants. he lubed up his dick and three of his fingers.

he moved to hover over daniel again, gently pressing in one of his fingers. daniel bit his lip, letting out a strained sigh as he moved his finger.

"dani.. you ready?"

daniel's eyes snapped open, quickly nodding his head. he didn't even realize that corbyn had three of his fingers literally up his ass. he wiped his fingers off and lined himself up before slowly pushing in. daniel shut his eyes, letting out a small whimper.

"shit, dani." corbyn groaned, bottoming out. he dropped down to his forearms, bringing one arm back to gently rub his side.

daniel let out a breath, tilting his head to the side when corbyn mouthed at his neck. "fuck. fuck, go, corbyn."

corbyn brought his hips back, slamming them back. daniel jerked, dropping his hands from corbyn's shoulders to the bedsheets, balling them up in his fists.

he set a fast pace. corbyn kissed daniel softly, which didn't match his thrusts, but daniel didn't mind. his finger ran through corbyn's blonde hair.

a particular thrust made daniel's arch back, and he through his head back, biting his lip to silence himself. "fuck." he whispered. "c-corbyn.."

the blonde nodded his head, placing his lips on corbyn's as he came undone. corbyn continued to abuse daniels prostate, which had him shaking. corbyn soon came inside of daniel with a quiet moan.

corbyn sighed heavily, pulling out of the boy. he grabbed a tissue, wiping up his stomach and his hole. when he was done, he threw the tissue out, and the two of them changed quietly.

when daniel was changed, he bit his lip, and started to leave when corbyn grabbed his wrist, stopping him.

"do.. do you want to stay?"

hesitantly, daniel nodded his head, shutting the curtain. corbyn laid down, opening his arms for the tired boy. daniel rested his body on corbyn's, his arms tucked under his shoulders. his face was hidden by corbyn's neck, breathing in the soft smell of his body wash. his eyes grew heavy, and before he knew it- he was out.

not even five minutes later, corbyn's phone buzzed. he, with the arm that wasn't wrapped around daniel, blindly grabbed the device.

christina ❤️ would like to facetime

corbyn swallowed heavily and put his airpods in. he picked up. her face popped up on the screen.

"hey! are you going to bed?"

corbyn quietly answered, "no."

"is.. is someone on top of you?" she laughed, eating the pringle's that she had in her room.

"hm? oh, yeah. dani. couldn't sleep." he lied.

the couple quietly talked for the next thirty or so minutes before corbyn announced that he could barely keep his eyes open. when they hung up, corbyn plugged his phone and airpods in.

he fell asleep, holding daniel close to him.


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