thirty two

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"is dorbyn a thing? can dorbyn happen already. can corbyn and daniel get married already like what the fuck. that's what i'm seeing daniel."

"i'm sorry for hanging out with my best friend." daniel said to eddie, making breakfast for himself. eddie sighed and shook his head.

"no. he broke your heart, daniel. i don't want to see you getting hurt."

"yeah. he can't do anymore damage, can he?" he mumbled, looking up at his boyfriend. eddie got up, and went around the counter. he gently kissed daniel.

"have fun in hawaii." he whispered, and left the kitchen, leaving daniel alone. eddie was flying back to new york tonight.

daniel looked down at his food, feeling his stomach lurch. he bolted to the bathroom, and threw up.


"daniel? we need to talk." jack said suddenly. daniel was over for dinner. the band sat around the table when jack's family went upstairs.

daniel looked between the guys, and wiped his lips on the napkin. "okay..?"

jonah took a deep breath. "look, man. we love you.. some more than others," he said looking at corbyn. "and we hate seeing you bottling up your emotions. we talked about it, a lot, and we want to put you in a few therapy sessions."

daniel almost rolled his eyes.

"guys i'm fine."

"cut the bullshit daniel." zach groaned. "you're not fine. you're never fine. you're always crying, drinking, and getting into fights with your family! you're not okay, and you don't have to be ashamed to admit it! we aren't judging you!"

"you sound pretty judgy to me." he mumbled, and looked down at his plate.

"tough love, daniel." zach glared at him. "i'm going home. tell me when he's ready to admit that he's broken and need help."

"zach- i'll be right back." jack said quickly, chasing after his boyfriend. jonah groaned, and slid back in his chair, corbyn just stayed quiet. daniel clenched his jaw.

"i have packing to do. i'll see you guys later." he whispered, leaving the dining room.

"that went well." corbyn whistled, and stood up with his empty plate. he washed it and set it on the rack. jonah doing the same thing.

zach and jack came back inside, zach looking a lot calmer then before. jack just looked flustered.

"what? did y'all fuck? kinda quiet for you too." jonah chuckled, sitting back down. jack simply shook his head and pointed to daniels empty seat.

"he left then?"

"mhm." corbyn hummed in response. he was sipping on his drink. zach looked at him and rolled his eyes.

"wanna say something corbyn?"

"nope." he said into his cup. drinking the rest of his drink. zach scoffed.

"i'll be in your room." he said to jack. the curly haired boy smiled up at him, and watched him leave. once he was gone, jack glared at corbyn.

"what do you want to say, corbyn? we leave to hawaii in a few hours and i for one would like this band to be half way decent by the time we get there."

"i don't have anything to say." corbyn shrugged with a light chuckle. "zach's just being overdramatic."

"he's not being overdramatic, he loves daniel and hates seeming him like this."

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