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daniel was anxious. it was their break time, before they went off to hawai. daniel was standing in front of his parents home in LA. he had his suitcases by his side. his now blonde hair was covered by a beanie, and he wore a large hoodie. his guitar was on his back, and really, all he wanted was a hug from his mom.

he knocked on the door, and waited. the door opened seconds later. daniel was relieved when tyler opened the door.

"hey, man." tyler said happily, pulling his brother into a hug. daniel loosely around his waist. "tours done already?"

"for now, yeah." daniel whispered, walking into the house. christian came running down the stairs, yanking daniel into a hug.

"i missed you." christian mumbled. daniel chuckled bitterly.

"seems like you two are the only ones who missed me." he sighed.

"what do you mean?" tyler asked, shutting the door.

the three boys went upstairs to daniels room. when they were settled on his bed, he took off his beanie, and ruffled up his hair. "mom, dad and anna all blocked me out."

"why?" tyler asked, feeling protective of his little brother.

"i have a drinking problem." daniel said quietly. "they weren't a fan of that and me uh.." daniel swallowed thickly. "me sleeping with someone."

the brothers stayed quiet. they didn't really know what to say, but it was clear that he didn't want to talk about it anymore.

"look." christian said, touching his knee. "let's not talk about it, okay? we'll go downstairs and avoid mom, dad and anna, get snacks and watch a movie, alright?"

daniel nodded his head, blinking away his tears.

"good. come on." christian dragged daniel out of his room. he laughed, and they ran downstairs like it was christmas morning. tyler just stayed in his room, shaking his head at his idiot brothers.

"oh, dad, better hide the alcohol." anna said from the living room when they stepped in.

"fuck off, anna." christian snapped.

"watch your mouth, son." jeff said, not caring that daniel was in his house.

"did you have fun fucking corbyn, daniel?" anna taunted.

"shut up, will you?" daniel flared. anna raised her hands in surrender, and shoved past daniel, making him lose his balance.

"what's she talking about?" jeff asked daniel.

"i don't see why i should tell you. you haven't cared about what i've been going through this past month. why do you care now?" daniel asked. he walked over to the kitchen and grabbed a bottle of whatever alcohol and let christian get snacks.

he backed away with a smirk. "have fun trying to get me to stop, dad."

daniel then marched away.

he unscrewed the cap and took a large swig as he climbed up the stairs. the alcohol burned as it went down his throat. he made eye contact with anna.

she rolled her eyes and went to her room.

daniel went to his room, setting the bottle down on his desk. he quickly got changed while christian was getting netflix set up.

once changed, he forgot about the bottle on his desk. although he wanted to drink himself until he was sick, it was like his body was rejecting alcohol which sucks.

"i'm sorry about them. if you told me i would have talk to them." christian said softly.

daniel mearly shrugged. "not sure it would have done anything."

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