twenty three

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"so.. it says here to go to your doctor around 8 weeks after your LMP."

"LM what?" daniel asked from her bed. bryana was seated on her desk, researching from her computer.

"last mensural period." bryana clarified. "how many weeks along are you?"

"gosh.. i don't know. maybe six weeks?" he guessed. he turned on his back, staring at her ceiling. "can you search up stuff on fetal alcohol syndrome."

bryana turned around to look at him. "why? were you drinking-"

"i was before i knew i was pregnant." daniel said quickly to avoid an argument break out. bryana turned back around and typed 'fetal alcohol syndrome' and waited for the server to load.

"well, what do you wanna know?" she asked.

"um.. what would they look like?" daniel asked. he was going to love his baby unconditionally if he or she had alcohol syndrome, there's no doubt in that. he or she would still be absolutely beautiful either way.

"smaller eyes, thin upper lip, webbed fingers."

"webbed fingers?"

"it means that they didn't separate fully in the womb." she explained, eyes still trained on her computer. daniel made a 'oh' sound and let her continue. "uh.. small head, slow growth. the list goes on but these are the basics as to physical features."

"dani, we should probably go to the doctors tomorrow." bryana said, swiveling around in her chair to face daniel. "we first need to make sure your little peanut is okay, and we also need to make sure that if he or she does have alcohol syndrome to get all the information we need."

"it's too early to tell though, isn't it? i mean, it's the size of what, a pea maybe?" daniel raised his shoulders, and flipped on his stomach to look at her.

"then we'll ask for a pamphlet. we'll schedule it first thing. you also need to talk to corbyn."

"i already asked him if he wanted a baby. he said yes, but in the future. so he'll probably hate me if i tell him." daniel sighed heavily, and grabbed his phone.

"he deserves to know, d. by month 2, you'll be showing. you can't hide it forever."

daniel stayed quiet, and let the girl do more research.


"your appointment is at noon, daniel. are you feeling okay?" bryana asked when he came down to the kitchen.

"yeah, just morning sickness sucks." he sighed, reaching for the alcohol, then forcing himself to stop. he let out a groan, and rubbed his eyes.

"i'm sorry, baby. i can't imagine how hard this is for you." she sighed. daniel pursed his lips and grabbed a small piece of bacon. "we should leave in like, fifteen minutes."

"okay mom."

the duo soon found themselves sitting in the waiting room. daniel's leg was bouncing up and down from plain nerves. bryana took his hand, lacing their fingers together.

"daniel seavey?"

the blonde looked up and exhaled nervously. he stood up with bryana, and the followed the doctor into the back room. "i'm doctor wilson, and we're just treating you today, correct?" he asked, looking back and daniel who nodded his head. "alright. here's your room, go get on the bed, and i'll be right back."

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