fourty six

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another fuckin time skip , and this is very much like my janah one shot 🥰

band vlog tingz 😚💘


january 7th, 2020
12:04 AM


daniel has been getting contractions since early this mornings. they have been strong, and uncomfortable. the boys, keri and saskia were over for a majority of the day, until they left.

and now, corbyn was spooning daniel, the boy fast asleep. until he mumbled, "did you.. did you pee?"

daniel groaned as a contraction hit. he tore the covers off his body, and stood up. corbyn mumbled something, and rubbed his eyes tiredly, a yawn escaping his lips.

daniel waddled to the closet, pulling out a fresh pair of boxers and sweats. "corbyn, my water broke."

"...your- shit." corbyn gasped, getting off the bed. "i'll go wake up morgan. do you need anything?" corbyn asked, touching daniel's hip.

he shook his head, and smiled when corbyn pecked his lips before scurrying off to morgan's room. daniel waddled over to his side of the bed, and grabbed his phone. he sat down on the bed, avoiding the wet spot from where he laid before.

he first called his mom, and he was surprised she answered since it was almost twelve in the morning. she gasped, and told him that she would meet them there with his brothers.

then he did a group facetime with the boys.

which— he regretted.

jack answered, he was playing fortnite, and zach was sleeping. for once, they were the calm ones— jonah picked up a minute later— he was laying on his back, his hair messy and cheeks flushed with eben hovering over him.

"oh— y'all nasty." jack huffed, diverting his gaze from the phone and back to his computers. jonah gave him a smile, and cursed.

"you're one to talk." eben laughed at jack. he rolled his eyes with a blush on his cheeks, looking back at zach lovingly

"okay, aside from that, my water just broke."

jack choked on his juice, which woke up zach. eben did something causing jonah to let out a loud 'fuck' and he dropped his phone out of his hands, and onto the floor.

"oh my gosh! wait, can i still video stuff? like, vlogging?" jack asked daniel, turning off his computer.

"yeah, of course." daniel smiled. morgan soon entered the room, and daniel was quick to end the call since jonah was being loud. "hi, baby girl." daniel smiled, picking the light brown girl up in his arms.

"is baby alex coming?" she wondered, looking up at daniel with wide eyes.

"he is." daniel hummed, kissing her head, and let her slip off his lap. corbyn came in the room a moment later. "mom and the boys are meeting us there. eben and jonah will probably come later." daniel said, standing up and set his hands on his thighs when another contraction hit.

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