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Navi's pov(mature content.)

I giggle as Bain and I sneak away from our party and quickly rush to the stairs to our room. I giggle as Bain helps me out of my dress.

He gives me a kiss before tossing me gently on the bed. He climbs on top of me, his lips connect with mine and I moan softly as I unbutton his shirt, I quickly take it off with his help.

I run my hands down his chest and tug at his belt, I giggle as I fumble with it and he starts to kiss my neck.

I unbutton his pants undo the zipper and quickly push them down. He sits up and takes them off the rest of the way before eagerly climbing back on top of me, his hand goes behind my back un-clasping my bra. I help him take it off and he throws it across the room. He massages my breast gently as he kisses my neck. He kisses down, lightly kissing on the side of my breast. He continues down lightly nipping at my stomach causes me to squirm and giggle.

"Bain that tickles." He chuckles as he looks back at me with eyes full of excitement. He slowly removes my panties and I help him out of his boxers. His lips fall back to mine as I kiss him hungrily.


Annies pov.

I wake up slowly and open my eyes. I jump slightly as I realize I'm in someone's arms. I look up and see James. His mouth is parted slightly, he is peacefully sleeping. I then realize we are spooning. My eyes widen as memories from last night hit me like a train.

I jolt up causing James to stir. I turn and see him rub his eyes gently.

He looks at me and smiles lightly. "Good morning glory." He states as he stretches while sitting up.

My eyes widen at the way his muscles flex under the long sleeve button up.

"Are you okay?" He ask me gently looking into my eyes.


"Yeah I'm fine, can I go home now?" I ask in a whisper. James gives me a look but doesn't push it.

I stand up as does James and he makes sure to keep a comfortable distance between us. I mentally send him a thank you as we walk out of the room. I follow him out of the hallway to the front door of the castle.

We walk out and walk to his huge truck.

He helps me to into his truck and I blush when he brushes against my bum. I put my seatbelt on as he gets in the driver side.

He drives off and heads to my house. "You know where I live?" I ask hesitantly to which he nods.

"Riley told me."

The ride is silent.

Soon we arrive at my house and I look to him. "Thank you. " I whisper, he smiles at me.

"It was amazing meeting you, Annie."  I smile as he says my name. "Meeting you has been my favorite part of my trip."

My eyebrows raise as I look at him curiously turning my upper body towards him. "Trip?"

James nods "Yes, I'm going back home today. I'm from the Flight kingdom."

My eyes widen in shock. "You're-you're a dragon shifter?" I ask a smile making it's way on my face.

He smiles at my reaction "Guilty as charged." A light chuckle escapes his lips.

"You're a power human right?" He ask looking truly interested in me. I nod my head.

"Yeah a two powered human." I explain. "Fire and invisibility."

"Wow that's impressive." James states genuinely impressed. "How does it work. The fire? Can you make it come from thin air or do you have to have a source."

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