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Navi pov

Bain's eyes widen at my words before a grin covers his face completely as he squeezes me lightly in his arms.

"Oh it was yours the moment I found out you were my mine." Bain whispers as our foreheads touch causing me to close my eyes and take in the moment.

"Which leads me to this." Bain breaths as he looks into my eyes and his hand cups my cheek lovingly as if I could break.

" I'm sorry Navi Bennett. I shouldn't have treated you how I did. I was just angry and hurt. I was so confused how a girl as beautiful as you could hate yourself so much that you couldn't believe I would want you." Bain shakes his head as though the thought absurd.

"You are so beautiful, inside and out, your heart is golden. Navi, I would be ecstatic to have you by my side to rule." My heart flutters at his words.

"You know you'll have to marry me right?" Bain ask with a smirk, but I see the nervousness in his voice.

I turn to Annie and Riley. "Are you going to be in my wedding?" I ask with a smile taking over my face. There eyes widen, grins taking over their faces.

"Fraiser I need a dress," I state breathlessly looking at Fraiser.

"Already have one made." At my surprised expression Fraiser shrugs.

"I've been waiting for this day for a while." I laugh at Fraiser as I turn to Bain.

"This isn't how I planned to propose Navi." Bain chuckles as he runs a hand through his hair.

"No this is it. This is perfect, I wouldn't want it any other way." I breathe.

Yes it is quick, but it's meant to be. I'm the reason it's taken so long, I've been running from this scared, but I'm not running anymore. I'm not afraid anymore.

"Navi Remington, hmm has a nice ring to it." Bain chuckles as he takes us to the shore.

"Can your parents adopt me Bain, I'd also like to get rid of the Bennett name." Annie ask thoughtfully causing us all to laugh as we walk out of the water.

Riley jogs to a bag pulling out towels and handing us all one.

"So you should move in with me." Bain starts scratching the back of his head. "Your house holds bad memories, I think it'll help you recover." Bain reasons.

"Oh I'm running out of that house," I state with a laugh as we walk hand in hand to the suv.

"Dude I got to get started on bridesmaids dresses." Fraiser starts as he gets his phone and starts typing frantically.

Riley and Annie start talking about wedding stuff as does Bain and Daniel. I'm smiling as I listen.

We climb in the suv, Bain is in the driver seat, I'm in the passenger seat holding his hand. Riley, Daniel, and Annie are in the back with Fraiser in the very back.

We pull out the dirt parking lot and Bain speeds off.


We finally arrive back at the castle. Annie grabs my arm. "Hey? You think you can stay home one more night?" Annie ask with a hopeful smile.

"Yeah totally." I say and I turn to Bain and place my hand on his arm. He turns to me with his eyebrows raised.

"I'm gonna stay at home one last night with Annie okay? I'll pack my things and move in tomorrow." Bain nods as he gives me a quick peck on the forehead.

I smile as I say a quick bye and rush to Annie, we get in her car after waving to the rest of them.

She cranks it and backs out of the drive way and we take off.

"Look at you tackling your happiness," Annie states with a laugh.

I nod my head and shrug. "Can't let it escape anymore." I state.

"I can't wait for you to find your mate Annie, I really can't." I breathe out. Annie's mate, who ever he is, is one lucky man to be mated to my sister. I know he will treat her right, I mean she deserves that and so much more.

"Then we can have little kids and they can be best friends you know? We could give them the life we never had." I smile at the possibilities.

Annie smiles widely, "Yeah I can't wait, I want a little boy first. I already have a name picked out." Annie states as she makes a left turn.

I look at her "Really? Can you tell me? I won't tell anyone else!" I promise causing Annie to chuckle.

"Opie Nathanial." Annie states with a chuckle as her cheeks redden.

"I like that." I say with a sincere smile. "Do you think your mate is a powerhuman?" I ask her as I look out the window.

"Um I don't know. Maybe a werewolf." Annie shrugs as she keeps her eyes on the road.

"I bet he is nice." I breath peacefully.

Annie just hums in response as a silence settles over us.

We pull up into the house and I get out as Annie kills the engine. I keep the towel around me as we rush into the house. I get a chill from my bikini now becoming cold. We rush up the stairs giggling as we go to our own bathrooms.

I start the warm water for my shower. Quicky take my wet bikini of and jump in. Sighing as the warm water warms my body.


Annie's pov

The moment I shut the door the smile falls from my face.

I sigh as I walk lazily to the bathroom that is joined to my room. I close the door in my bathroom and start the hot water. I strip from my bathing suit and quickly climb in.

A shaky breath leaves my mouth as I try to blink back the tears as I think of mine and Navi's conversation.

I couldn't bring myself to tell her my mate, my vampire mate didn't want me. I don't even know why. How do I tell my sister that my mate took one look at me and immediately knew he didn't want me? Tears escape me as I look down at my body.

Maybe my mother was right about something. Maybe I am, two sizes to big.

I pinch a the rolls on my stomach and wish I had scissors to cut it off.

My hair isn't like other girls either, it was curly and couldn't be tamed. The color is weird. My eyes, my eye color is red, it doesn't pop. There is no contrast. I'm just a blob. An unattractive blob.

A sob escapes my body.

I sit down as the water beats down on my back, muffling my cries.

Does he think of me?

Does he regret it?

Or is he happier with someone.

An angry sob leaves my mouth. How stupid and pathetic am I to put my self esteem into the hands of someone I've met once? Someone who took one look at me and decided no thank you.

I rejected him. Why am I still hurting? I don't know anything about him, but I think that's the worse part.

I didn't get to hear his laugh. I didn't get to listen to the way he would tell a memory like it was a story from a book he read. I didn't get to see the way his eyes light up when telling me about something he loved or cherished.

I shake my head and breath out slowly. I slowly stand, I start washing my hair and soon wash my body. I take a moment to make sure the evidence of me crying is gone.

I turn the water off and step out of the shower. I dry off quickly and wipe the mirror. I towel dry my hair a little and get dressed in jogging pants and a tshirt. I look back in the mirror.

I quickly practice a smile while making sure there isn't evidence of me crying. I nod to myself in the mirror. I then walk back out grab the facial masks and go to my bedroom door. I put a smile on my face as I walk out of my room and walk up to Navi's room for a girls night.


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