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To FallOut now

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To Fall
Out now


   Navi's pov

"Come on we have to make a stop, home," I state with a giggle to the guards that follow me. Aaron, Jasper and Don.

Don gets in the driver side and Aaron gets in the passenger side leaving me and Jasper in the back. Don backs out of the driveway.

"Hurry up I don't have all day," I state in boredom, causing Don to drive faster.

In no time we are at my parents house. I fix the tiara on my head and smooth the dark blue dress before walking in.

Iris is on the couch, she gives me a confused look.

I smile at her. "Hey sis! Is Mother and Father here?. We need to have a family reunion."

Iris nods her head slowly as she continues to stare. "Hey Navi I'm sorry about what happened to Ba-"

"Do not speak his name!" I shout at her causing her to jump and my parents to rush in from the kitchen.

I smile, "Good you're all here."

"I just want to say, nothing personal." With that I quickly move my hand, letting my finger tips aim to my father and watch as his head falls clean off causing my mother and sister to scream.

"Oh my goddess, what are you doing!" My mother shouts as my sister cries on the couch looking at my fathers head that has rolled to her.

"Oh shut up, it's not like you actually loved him," I roll my eyes at her frantic behavior.

"Plus I'm only being the person you said I was. A monster. Don't you remember that mother?" I tilt my head slightly.

"Navi, I didn't mean that." My mother pleads with me. Terror claims her features.

"Well yeah, I'm about to kill you. Of course you'll say anything to change my mind." I shrug, then with out hesitation I move my left hand quickly to Iris, and an icicle goes straight through her throat.

Blood seeps slowly and Iris gurgles while trying to pull the icicle out before finally falling to the floor.

I then look at my mother with a smirk. "Oops, I glitched mother. My bad." I shrug my shoulders at her innocently.

My mother drops to her knees crying. "Please Navi please don't kill me please."

I sigh while shaking my head. "I'm sorry mother but I must, if I don't you will try to over throw me. See I was thinking," I state as I start to walk a circle around my mother.

"You wanted Iris to be queen, she was your favorite and you are very power hungry, so I knew if I didn't kill you, you would come after my crown." I state with a shrug.

"Though I also knew if I only killed you, dad and Iris would come after me so. I had to kill all of you."

My mother cries louder. "No Navi, I didn't want the crown anymore. I gave up I didn't want it." My mother cries as I come from behind her and grab a fist full of her hair making her look up.

"I don't believe you." And in a second  sharp ice, circles around my arm until it forms into a dagger, in one motion  my mothers neck is slit. I let go of her as I hear her choke on her on blood before falling down.

"Ah gotta love family reunions." I state with a smile. I look at my handy work before looking back at Don.

Don looks at me, expressionless. I step over my mothers body as I head to the door.

"Burn the house down." I command, Don and  Jasper get to work while I get in the car. Aaron gets in the driver side and backs out and takes off. I smirk as I look in the review mirror to see the house being engulfed in flames.



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