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"You know this isn't a healthy way of dealing with trauma." Annie states with a knowing smile as she takes a glance at me before looking back at the road.

"Though I feel you have dealt with enough bullshit so, I'll let this unhealthy coping mechanism slide."

I roll my eyes at her words a small smile playing on my lips.

"How is everyone?" I ask looking at her causing her to snort with a laugh.

"Navi, you just got out of a hospital, you just got done dealing with a monster. Who beat you, and you want to know how everyone is doing." Annie looks at me with a loving smile. "I'm glad your still considerate of others Navi."

I smile but its forced. Guilt drips into my heart. I wasn't considerate to Chadum. I killed him. Doesn't that make me a monster?

My eyes widen as we pull up into the castle drive way.

"Um what are we doing here?" I ask Annie slowly.

"Its more fun when you go in a group Nav." She winks at me as she climbs out of the car. I follow her lead and we walk up to the castle doors, with out even having to knock the door opens and Riley comes into view.

"Hi guys! We were just waiting for the men to finish up."

Rileys long dark hair is tied up in a high pony tail. She has dark ripped Jean's on a white crop top and a black leather jacket. Her hand finds my shoulder and I feel the familiar light squeeze.

Her hand lingers for a moment but then finds it's way back to her side.

"Navi!" I hear a shout from the top of the stairs and look up to see Frazier waving at me frantically. He rushes down and engulfs me in a hug. I try hard not to flinch but it happens before I can stop it.

Frasier seems not to notice as he looks me up and down. "I feel hurt Navi, you look beautiful but I'm not the one who dressed you." He shakes his head and crosses his arms with a feign hurtful expression. "I feel cheated."

A giggle escapes my lips. "Sorry Fray, I didn't know you were coming, actually it all was kinda last minute."

I breath in and smell the familiar scent of my mate. I, along with Riley, look up and spot Daniel and Bain.

Bain avoids eye contact with me, an with a serious guarded expression he walks down the stairs.

A sigh of agony leaves my lips.


Bains pov.

"Come on Bain you have to come." I roll my eyes at my beta.

I am not in the mood for this group's shenanigans.  I am still pissed that everyone knew Navi was my mate except for me.

"Come on man, Navi is out there it is time! Love is in the air!" Daniel boast and I raise my eyebrows at the love sick pup.

"Then I'll wear a gas mask." I gruffly reply. I am not interested in getting hurt again. Navi didn't know what she wanted, and I can not sit around and wait for her.

A growl in my head sounds from my wolf.

Ah, so I have two love sick pups to deal with.

Again my wolf growls at me calling him a pup. I sigh as I run a hand through my hair. "She doesn't want me Daniel, stop pushing her."

A growl goes through my chest as a pillow bounces off my head. Daniel crosses his arm with a smirk. I throw the couch pillow back at him and he catches it with ease.

"Bain, you and I both know that isn't true. Come on man you saw the way she looked at you." A sigh leaves Daniel "You saw what she went through, her family has beat her down hard, the girl believes she is worthless, I was on the brink of her telling you. I saw it man." Daniel points at himself.  "I saw her multiple times almost tell you, I could see it in her eyes."

"Now it's out in the open there is no running away, see how she does, take the step towards her. I think that was her biggest problem, she was to scared to make the first step, now she doesn't have to." I consider Daniel's words. This girl, Navi, goddess that girl is a character.

"And you should really stop stalking her like you did. Why don't you actually talk to her." I glare at Daniel's words.

"Dude I saw you everytime I brought her around, your eyes were glued to her." Daniel chuckles and I turn my head as my face flushes.

"The mate Bond, I must have sensed it and didn't realize it. She is captivating. She doesn't even know how magnificent she is." A heavy sigh leaves my lips as I look at Daniel.

"Fine let's go." Daniel fist bumps the air at my words.

I grab my jacket and throw it on as we both exit my office.

"Man where do I even start?" I try and keep the nervousness from my voice but by Daniel's smirk he senses it.

"Maybe hello?" Daniel chuckles. I roll my eyes as I slow to a stop and put my hand on Daniel's shoulder. He gives me a confused look as I sigh.

"Look man, I'm still a little pissed about you not telling me about Navi," a guilty look goes over Daniel's face at my words. "But thank you, thank you for looking out for her."

A small smile that doesn't reach his eyes, covers his features at my words. He simply nods as he walks away.

The guilt about Navi being kidnapped weighed heavily on my friends shoulders. The minute we found out she was taken he immediately started kicking himself in the ass about it.

It wasn't his fault thought, it was mine. I let my emotions get the best of me. I was hurt and confused. I didn't listen to what Navi was telling me and I didn't try to understand. I just let myself get to caught up in my emotions.

We get to the top of the stairs. As always my breath catches at the sight of Navi. Even with bruises and scars her beauty still took me. Her head starts to turn towards me and instinctively I look away and avoid eye contact. I have to admit, I'm extremely nervous. What would I say? What would she say? How do you start over from this. Can we even start over.

Daniel starts down the stairs first and I push back the anxiety and follow him down.

Guess we will see what happens.

And with that thought I look at Navi who is already looking at me. Our eyes connect and sparks go through me. The mate Bond is as strong as ever. Maybe that's a good sign.


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