chapter 3

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I wake up naturally on something soft. I open my eyes slowly and I realize I am in a bed that is not my own. I look around, the room is bare and the bed is plain white. I sit up and look down at my clothing, no longer am I in my gown instead I am in a long white night gown that hangs loosely on me. I stand up seeing my gown and bra. Quickly I run to the garments I snatch my bra up and put it on under the gown. The gown it self is two sizes to big and the sleeves seem to go on forever. I look out a window to see snow. The window has bars on it making sure no one could escape. I turn and look at the door.

I have to get out.

Disregarding my dress and mask on the floor I run to the door and silently open it. I peep my head out and look both ways in the small hall. To my right are double doors that led to a balcony to my left are stairs. I bring my body out of the room and close the door. I walk quietly every now and then tripping on the gown that forms a pool around me.

Finally making it to the stairs I look down to see the living room, I was once in, untouched. I walk down the stairs looking behind me every now and then. When I make it to the bottom of the stairs I turn towards the kitchen behind the stairs. I gasp as I spot a man in his late forties. His hair is brown like his brown eyes, they stare into my crystal blue ones. His face looks almost ageless despite the laugh lines. He smiles showing his white teeth.

I got a bad vibe from the man. "Well looky here sleeping beauty decided to wake up" he says with a laugh. I keep quiet as a look goes through his eyes that I didn't quite catch. "Do you speak pretty girl." He teases with a nice smile. It seems fake or forced. I stay still watching him. "Alright I'll start my name is Chadum" he says then motions to me.

"Velna" I said using my mothers name. He nods. "You don't look like a Velna pretty bird", I ignore the nickname no matter how much it bothers me. I suddenly had a sick feeling in my stomach telling me I need to get out of here.

"Uh.." I said unsure "I need to uh go" I say as I turn heading for the door.

"Oh okay but you can't go like that you'll freeze to death plus your things are upstairs " he says making me stop in my tracks. I turn as I nod. "I have some clothes you can put on in the up stairs closet in the room you were in." He says heading to the stairs. Hesitantly I follow behind as we walk in. He goes to the closet and pulls out some clothes. I look down at the dress and a thought suddenly crosses my mine.

Who undressed me?

I look to Chadum. "Did you undress me?"I ask as my eyes narrow.

He looks at me with a smile "of course, I didn't want you to freeze ."

I glare at him "you had no right!" I accuse my voice becoming louder. He walks to me setting the clothes on the bed.

He walks towards me as he nods "my apologies" he said as he walks around me. "Though I must not lie, I did like what I saw " he whispers as his hands rub my shoulders and trail down as his nose sniffs my exposed skin at my neck. I quickly step away turning towards him.

"You sick bastard! Your old enough to be my father!" I yell making him smile again.

"oh yeah call me papa" he says as he winks. I run pass him but he grabs my arm and throws me on the ground.

He then climbs on top of me as I proceed to fight back. I scream at the top of my lungs as he grabs my shoulders and picks me up then slams me back down making me hit my head on the wood floor. I groan as he smiles sickly sweet at me. " oh dear you hit your head we should take a look at that!" He said as he sits up on his knees as he undoes his belt "how about you blow me and I'll make sure your okay" he suggests with a smirk.

I look around and spot a bat under the bed. I look at him seeing him being occupied with his belt and in seconds had the bat in my hand in motion to hit him. The bat bounces of his head as he falls to the floor. I stand up grab my things and run out the door onto the stairs. Finally I had control of my powers for a spilt second and vanish in then air. Looking around I was back in my room. I sigh in relief.

The relief was short lived as I heard footsteps and my mothers voice "is that you?" I gasp and run to the trapdoor on the wall and open it to the small compartment. I push my dress in and shut the door and run towards my bed and dive in it as the door opens.

" Navi, where have you been! I got home a few hours ago and you weren't here." She scowls as she hisses.

I sigh " I glitched and teleported."

She rolls her eyes "what am I going go do with you!" She said sounding exhausted. She looked at me eyes filled with so much disappointment. It actually hurt. It made me hate myself so much. I shrug, not knowing what to say, as I look down and sigh letting my shoulders sag.

"Navi" she said. I looked up meeting her emotionless eyes "Why were you ever born?" I suck in a deep breath as the words hit me full force. A tear slides down my face as I slowly start to cry still looking at her. "Oh don't cry, its a sign of weakness, and you are a hideous crier."

I gasp as the tears fall faster. She rolls her eyes and walks out the door muttering "Sorry bitch."

I cry some more hating the life I had. After years of dealing with the hate my family had for me, the bullying and being strong. I am breaking, I am letting myself throw a pity party for myself.

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