chapter 4

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I wake up realizing I fell asleep last night crying, I stretch and look at the clock. It's Sunday, and 9:00 in the morning; I groan feeling a head ache as I get up. I walk to my bathroom and take a short shower, I brush my teeth and brush my hair. I then throw something on with my gloves. I grab my brown messenger bag as my bangs fall in my face as I hoist the bag on my shoulder. I walk out of my room and down stairs into the kitchen.

"Mom he found his mate and its not me!!"

My eyes widen at the disaster I walked into.

What the hell? Iris has tear stained cheeks as she throws a tantrum, my mother looks like she is ready to pull her hair out, and Annie has her hand over her mouth trying not to laugh.

"Its that stupid slut! She drugged him, or cast a spell on him or-or Something!!" Iris screams as she falls to the floor and slams her fist down. I smile thinking of Bain, I wonder what he was doing? Is he wondering about me? Maybe he sent out a search party. My smile widens, oh I wonder if he is thinking about me.

"What are you smiling at?" My sister yells snapping me out of my thoughts.

"Nothing ," I breath, she rolls her eyes as she stands up and walks to me.

A loud sound echo's in the kitchen as I find myself on the ground holding my cheek from where I was just slapped. I slowly pick myself up to see my sister standing over me breathing heavily. I see all the hate she has for me, but I also see sadness deep down. She then rushes pass me as my sister gives me a worried look, I send her a smile, to reassure her I'm okay and walk out still feeling the sting on my left cheek.

I walk out the door of the house and walk along the sidewalk. A small smile plays on my face. I make it to the library as I walk in smiling, I lift my head and suck in a breath at who I see. I duck behind one of the book shelves in the library, I use it to shield myself from the person, as I keep my eyes on him between the books.

He is sitting down at a table with a notebook and a pen. He has a fancy looking laptop too. His hair is pushed back and is the color of dark chocolate, his eye were studying the screen as his hands effortlessly wrote something down. His eyes look to be a deep blue, as he glares at the computer screen. A beauty Mark is right under his left eye. He is very well built, his black under armour shirt hugs his muscles and his dark jeans cover his long legs. His shoes are expensive and new, his face had long ago lost the baby face, he has one dimple on the left side and his eyelashes are long. His name, is Daniel Clay Press, he is the royal beta, beta of all betas.

Also the Kings best friend.

If he is here the king can't be to far behind. I smell the place but don't smell him any where. Not like it would help I don't even know what he smells like, I move along the bookshelves still looking at the Beta, I wonder what he is writing.

Not seeing the stray book on the floor I trip and fall creating a loud thud in the silent library. I am met with a hush from the librarian as I roll my eyes at her. I look up and freeze. There, with a smirk on his face, stands the beta. He puts his hand out I look at it and hesitantly grab it. He helps me up as he laughs a little. "Clumsy are we?"

I laugh nervously as I mumble "very."

He smiles "you okay?"

I nod, silently freaking out, as I'm a bout to speak, I'm interrupted "oh look its the glitch." I freeze as I turn and see Hannah over my shoulder. I instantly tense up as my blood runs cold.

Hannah is my full time bully, its like her job, and she is not a slacker when it comes to it. She is gorgeous, her hair is honey blonde and stops at her shoulders and her eyes hold so much life. They are this gorgeous bright ocean blue, she is about four inches taller then me and has the curves in all the right places. I wish I could say her boobs were fake but sadly they weren't, her make up isn't like a clown either. She has powder and blush, her eyes have a natural smokey eye and she has mascara on. She is the definition of perfection.

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