chapter 21

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I walk into the high school gym and look around at the people.

Different colored dress and suits take up the gym. I spot my sister Annie at the same time she spots me. She waves and starts to walk to me.

Her gorgeous dark green dress hugs her curves, her hair is in an elegant bun, her make up is light except for her dark smokey eyes.

"You look gorgoues," we both say at the same time causing us both to laugh. We hug each other as Annie says. "I have good news,"

I back up looking at her eyes, they shine brightly. "Well what is it?"

"Well change of plans. I'm not going up North." I look at her confused, how is this good news? She had been waiting to go since we were kids.

"I'm sorry-" before I can continue Annie laughs as she interrupts me.

"No, it's good, I'm staying here, studying at a school 30 minutes from here, learning war history." My eyes widen at the words coming from my sister who is not violent at all.

"Beta Daniel was talking to me a couple days ago, supposedly I had impressed Bain with my skills of planning attacks in P.E.," she explains at the notice of my confused look. "A couple projects we did before you got into the class. Any way, They want me to go to school and then start training to be in the war council."

In other words, the people that make the plans for war, it includes both generals and scholars that go to school to study past wars. So no one makes the same mistake that our ancestors did. You have your brains and your muscles. My sister would be part of the brains.

"Oh my gosh this is so exciting!" I state as I hug her again.

"I know and it's all paid for!" She gleams. "Including housing." She adds.

I hear a throat being cleared and Annie turns to see a guy, blue eyes, dark brown hair, tall and skinny, basketball player I think his name is Thomas.

"Sorry Navi my date wants to dance." She gives me one last hug before grabbing her dates hand and going to dance. I then spot my sister Iris, in a sparkly white dress. She is also all over Bain, who holds a disgusted look on his face.

"I have your sister taken care of, I'm just waiting for-ah there they are," I jump at Daniel's voice, I turn to see him looking in the direction of Bain and Iris.

I also turn and see a group of guys surrounding her. Trying to talk or dance with her. I then see Bain start to slowly walk away. The farther he gets from her the quicker his steps.

A giggle escapes me as Bain approaches us. "I'd say you wish to spend more time with Iris," I playfully state to Bain who in respond throws me a playful glare.

"You owe me a dance Navi." A blush goes to my cheeks at his words. He grabs my hand and I let a breath out I didn't know I was holding.
No sparks.

The spell works.

Bain pulls me close as we slow dance, the warmth in his touch calms me and makes me fill at home. "You look gorgoues." Bain whispers.

I look up at him, I then see what he is wearing, black suit with a tie matching the color of my dress. "I see we are matching?" I raise an eyebrow with a smirk on my face.

My smirk turns into a smile as I see Bain blush slightly, ever so slightly. "Did I just make the King blush?"

His blush seems to darken "Maybe," Bain chuckles as he spins me and brings me back to him. His hand on my waist making sure I'm close to him.

"Fraiser picked my outfit," Bain says with a smile. I nod my head. "Though I did ask him for us to match." Bain says sheepishly.

"So does this mean your suppose to be my prom date," I ask tilting my head lightly with a small smile playing at my lips as Bain and I sway to the music in each others arms.

"Yes," Bain nods. Now it was my turn to blush, heart flutter and stomach flip.

"Why would you want me to be your date?" I ask quietly. I wanted to know, was he experimenting to see if I was his mate? I am on the list. Most of his trackers believe it's me. Does he?

"I-I." He opens and closes his mouth.

I giggle "Is the King speechless?" He rolls his eyes at me while chuckling.

"I am thinking," he states as he again twirls me and brings me back.

"You didn't hang out with me and Daniel and Fraiser because of our status, because we are royals. You were around us because well Daniel made you for some reason, and because you see us more than just a crown, power or money."I sigh at his words.

If only he knew.

"Most girls want me for what I can do for them, what I can buy. They just want to be queen." I raise my eyebrows, it must be lonely. We are both lonely, for different reasons.

Maybe we aren't that different. No one sees us for what we are, they only see us for our status. I'm the glitch, he is a king.

In reality, we are both people, that want to be loved, for just us, for who we are, not for what we can do for other people. For our flaws, our corny jokes and pick up lines, for days with make up and days with out, bad days and good days. We want to be adored, admired and appreciated for our souls, not our bodies.

Maybe I could tell him, be with him.

I lean on my tip toes and as if reading my mind Bain meets me half way, our lips meet. No sparks, but their is warmth even with out the bond I felt like I belonged with Bain.

I need to tell him.

"Oh my gosh get off of me I want to dance with Bain!" I jump at Iris voice, I jump out of Bains arms and I look around and see people staring at us with shocked looks. Whispers going around.

The glitch and the King.

No I can't tell him, he would be a laughing stock to these people, I can't burden him with me.

My hands shake as my heart speeds up.

I shake my head as I look at him in the eyes, tears coming to mine. Bain takes a step towards me and extends his arm out to grab my hand with a worried look on his precious face, I take a step back as I shake my head.

I can't do this. I'm a fool. A damn fool to think that I could have a happy ending.

"I-I can't," I state as I turn harshly and take off as my sister breaks through the circle that has formed around us.

"Bain!" I hear her overly cheery voice as I raise through the crowd, tears slowly rush down my cheeks. I see a couple people with sympathy on there face, others laugh, the rest of the faces are blurred as I rush out.

As I come outside I close my eyes. Home home.

I feel the tingles. I open my eyes, I'm not home, I'm on my street though. Close enough. I run home, I open the door and rush up the stairs to my room. I shut the door quietly and let myself slowly fall.

I sob quietly as I take my dress off, I sit in my bra and panties as I cry from both emotional and physical pain. My heart, bones and head ache from the mate bond coming back.

How could I be such a fool.

How could I expect him to be burden with me.

How could I expect him to love me.

I swallow harshly as I sob harder in realization.

I love Bain.

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