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The mother of two girls, stares down at the test, tears threaten to break through. She blinks them back. Her throat hurts from swallowing down the sobs.

Her husband and her had not had sex in a hot minute. Her and this other guy, now that was a different story. She had to think of ways to tell her husband. Or not to tell him.

She runs her hands desperately through her shoulder length hair as she hears her daughter crying in the living room. She groans and rolls her eyes as she opens the door. She picks up a crying toddler, her favorite little girl, brown hair, orange eyes, sassy, her mom never told her no. The princess got everything, even signed up for classes to train her powers so she can be the best. They were just waiting on the powers to show.

She walks into the kitchen, grabbing the treats, she hands them to the baby and sets her back down and watches her wobble away. She smiles at her precious gem. She passes by the crib holding a sleeping chubby baby girl. Hair the same color as her sister, just a tad darker, the mother shakes her head as she reminds herself to skip a feeding to help her baby lose weight.

Her family had a reputation to uphold. Which brought her back to the previous condition. She heads up stairs to the attic. Grabs the bottle, telling herself she needed to sleep with her husband tonight, making a mental note, she pops the vodka open and downs it. Alcohol is bad for the baby, right. She could just flush it out maybe.

She sighs knowing she needs something guaranteed. Walking down the stairs she grabs her phone, again running her fingers through her hair, ignoring a whining chubby baby, who is now hungry. This will be the feeding she misses. She walks into the bathroom and looks at the positive pregnancy test as she calls up the man responsible for it.

"We have a problem." She states. He returns quickly, not missing a beat.

"No you have a problem," and goes to hang up before she interrupts him.

"I need your help to get rid of it." She can tell he is smirking through the phone. He knew people, they both knew this, he could get an illegal drug to flush the problem out. And their worries would be gone, and back to fucking on Saturday night.

He agrees saying to give him a day. She gives a quick bye and hangs up the phone. Throwing the pregnancy test out she tends to her favorite child.

She has sex with her husband that night.

The next day after her Husband goes to work, a man in a hoodie shows up at her door. She opens it, quickly grabs the package and shuts the door, making sure no one sees the package.

Unsteady steps take her back to the bathroom. Shaky hands open the bag and she sees a pill in a plastic baggy. No label, no note.

She takes it, washes it down with water. And then pours a glass of vodka.

She gets sick the next day.

She doesn't go to the doctor until the fourth day of being sick. She is pale and pasty. Eyes blood shot. Her hands tremble. They take her in.

A urine test for drugs is ran. A positive for something else comes back instead.

They ask if she had alcohol. She said yes, she didn't know she was pregnant, is what she tells them.

They tell her the baby is struggling but with the technology they have the baby will be okay.

She grits her teeth, a fake smile crawls on her face.

She goes home, tells her husband. He yells. Throws things. Nonetheless accepts it. He didn't believe in aborting a baby.

He goes to work the next day. She dials the number. Its forwarded to a voice mail. She curses under her breath. How could he do this to her? What they had was not love, purely beneficial but this was his problem too.

She goes back to the doctor, another check up. The doctor tries small talk, asking if the father is excited, any name ideas yet. Of course she lies. How they are all excited. Still looking for the perfect name.

A sad look goes through as she looks at the test she had ran on the baby, the baby was improving yes, but because of the medicine the doctor didn't know about , her powers may never come about. The mother nods her head. Trying hard to not grit her teeth.

The damn child, ruining everything for her. She already held resentment for the baby.

The doctor asked if she wanted a boy or a girl. The mother smiles. "A boy."

Hopefully she could ship him off to military school as soon as she got the chance.

Months later she will find out it's a girl. She drinks a glass of vodka after the appointment.

She doesn't tell many people about the pregnancy, when she gets big she doesn't go out. She has a home birth, doesn't allow pictures to be taken.

They keep the baby girl in the attic. Only tend to her to feed or change her.

She tries to find the man again. Maybe he could take the child, but she only gets death threats from his workers in return.

She takes a drag from the cigarette, blows it up as the sound of crying makes her head throb. She considers putting a pillow on the babys head and waiting.

Instead, she takes a shot of vodka.


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