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It was like I was looking through a goldfish bowl. Next thing I know I'm in a hospital gown, in a hospital bed, needles in my inner elbow. Doctors shining lights in my eyes asking me question and I either give a one word answer or a nod of my head.

A nurse comes in with a glass of water. Everyone looks expectantly at me and I already know the drill. I take the cup and drink it.

Instantly my stomach and throat seizes. Its lukewarm water.

My body gets hot as the water comes right back up and I vomit to the side causing people to go frantic.

Of course that's something to panic over, who vomits after having luke warm water.

I'm sweating, and shaking and my stomach hurts. I hear people talking but they are far away. My vision is funny, black spots cloud most of my vision. Suddenly I realize im breathing frantically. Someone grabs my arms and I realize my ears hurt. I was pulling at my earlobes.

I close my eyes tightly. My body is going frantic, but my mind is not. It's like I'm not really experiencing these things. Like I'm not here, like I'm in the back of my mind watching from afar.

Suddenly I'm on my back. I open my eyes. I can see fine, my body is still hot and I'm still sweating but I can hear and see.

"Are you okay?" Riley ask. She squeezes my shoulder, twice. Not enough for anyone to notice, but I do. I look her in the eyes and I nod.

The door opens and I see Bain. Everyone looks at him, then back at me. He looks like the rest, unwell.

He hides it better than the others though.

They leave, Bain and I are the only ones left in the room.

"You know if you would have told me who you were this could have been prevented." I blink at him. Are we really on this right now? This is not a good time for I told you so.

Hello anger. Ah that's what I've been missing, I've been so numb. I'm feeling an emotion.

I chew on my lip. I keep eye contact with Bain. "Is this what you wanted?" His voice is strained. "Are you happy now?" His voice raises a bit. Hospital rooms are pretty close to sound proof.

"Extactic," my voice comes off monotoned. The word falls without my notice until it's already gone into the air.

He opens his mouth but the door opens cutting him off. A man walks in, suit and notepad, detective. He nods at Bain as he looks at me.

"Navi Bennett, I'm Detective Lee," his brown hair is graying and is pushed back, brown eyes look into mine, a couple wrinkles are set in his face, he looks as though he has seen all the horrors that people offer the world.

A darker brown mustache makes him look a decade late.

"I came to ask you some questions."
I nod my head in response, my fingers twitch and I grit my teeth.

"Who kidnapped you." He ask carefully, a routine careful, he had danced in broken glass before.

"Chadum, I dont know his last name, his mates name was Macy," my voice is robotic, like I have sawed off my emotions.

He nods "where did he take you?" I shrug my shoulders.

"I didn't really get much of a tour, I was stuck in a concrete room, and when I escaped I didn't really stay long to take pictures and enjoy the view." He tilts his head slightly at my tone.

I'm agitated. I want to go home and forget everything that happened.

"What happened when you were there." Detective Lee ask, his voice tries to float over my wounds but it digs in every one of them.

I open my mouth but nothing comes out. I close my mouth as the memories seep into my mind.

I open my mouth again. My voice is gone. I breath out slowly as I look at the detective. "A lot happened."

I look at my body, why the hell even ask me, my body pretty much paints the picture.

"Where is Chadum." He gives me a sorrowful look, causing me to look away.

I open my mouth to tell him he is dead. Again my voice is gone. So I close my mouth and look at him. I lick my lips and then open my mouth again "Gone."

Detective Lee quickly scribbles on his paper work as he looks back at me. He stands and nods at me and then nods at Bain, he then opens the door and leaves.

Bain looks at me for a moment, he looks at my wounds, the burns, the cuts, the bruises. I see him come up with theories in his mind. His hands ball up into fist and his face turns stone.

"I'm okay," the words leave my lips and he looks at me in horror. How dare I say I'm okay when my body clearly shows I am not.

He opens his mouth but my voice carries faster "I'm tired," his jaw clenches at my words but he nods and walks out of the room turning the lights off on his way out while closing the door.

It's not a lie, I am tired, I think. I'm not physically tired, I think just mentally.

One moment I'm in a concrete room going through heat as my kidnapper tries to break through ice to get to me. Now I'm here. In a hospital.

For some reason I had convinced myself that once I got home, everything would be normal.

Instead I feel out of place. Like I dont belong here. I know Chadum is dead, but I feel like I'm still looking over my shoulder. I feel uncomfortable, but I dont quite understand why. I feel like I need to leave, but I dont know where I need to go.

My body felt like it itched, but I couldn't pin point where. I feel tensed.

I breath out as I close my eyes. I search for sleep. I beckon it to scoop me in its arms.

I'll regret summoning it soon enough.


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