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I wake up to some one lightly shaking my shoulders. I open my eyes and see Annie looking at me. Her lips moving but I don't catch what she says.

"Huh?" A giggle escapes her lips as she repeats herself.

"I said, get up sleepy head I made you breakfast. Do you want to try to go to school today?" Normally no, but anything to keep my mind going is something I'm totally up for.

I nod as I sit up, the alarm clock reads 6:00. Annie helps me stand and we walk down to the kitchen. I sit down as Annie sets a plate infront of me.

Bacon, scrambled eggs and a biscuit with a glass of orange juice. I moan as I take a bite of the bacon causing Annie to giggle. I quickly eat the food, Annie takes my plate.
"Go get dress we leave in 40 minutes." I nod at her words and I turn and bounce up the stairs, I take a quick shower. When I get out I accidentally look into the mirror causing me to freeze. Through the cracked mirror I see most of my bruises are healed, only the bigger ones remain. Most of the cuts are now scars. Thankfully my body heals like a normal powerhuman.

I walk out and put some dark jeggings on with a cream colored long sleeve shirt to help cover the scars. I put on comfortable tennis shoes. I run my fingers through my uneven short hair giving it an on purpose messy look. I don't look at my hair long in fear I would cry. I then walk down the stairs meeting up with Annie.

I look toward the kitchen, my parents eye me out of the corner of their eyes but they don't say anything, Iris just glares at me. Annie and I walk out, climb into the car and drive off to school.

Annie parks and looks at me, places her hand over my arm causing me to look at her. "Hey, at anytime if you want to go home let me know and we will leave."

I don't say anything as I look out into the crowd of teens walking to the school. I then look back at Annie and nod my head.

We both step out of the car shutting the door. Annie grabs my elbow and gives me a final squeeze before walking away. I follow her lead and walk into the school. Hush whispers surround me, they wonder where I've been, what happened. Some even state I probably did it to myself. Or maybe the king did it since supposedly I forced him to kiss me.

My hands ball into fist as I keep my head down and quickly go to my first class.

Not much is said to me, mostly I hear whispers.

"Oh my gosh your back?" I wince at the high pitch shrill of Kandys voice. I look at her, she smacks her gum as she looks down at me.

"We all thought you finally killed yourself, " she blows a bubble before continuing. "Sadly looks like we were wrong."

"Kan, leave her alone," I furrow my eyebrows in confusion as I look back towards the voice and see Ashley.

Kandy flips her hair as she looks back at me. "Wow you got everyone feeling sorry for you." The door to the class room slams shut.

"Kandy find your seat." The teacher states, making Kandy huff as she turns and walks away finding her seat.

Not much else happens as the teacher starts the class.


Lunch rolls around and I walk through the hallway of the familiar whispers. I push the door to the cafeteria open and scan the room. I see Annie frantically waving at me. Once she gets my attention she pats the seat beside her. I nod my head understanding she wants me to sit by her.

I look to the line and start walking towards it but a clear of a throat stops me.

"Excuse me! May I have your attention!" I turn and see my sister, Iris on the top of the table beckoning everyone's attention.

I sigh preparing myself for her words. "Just to let everyone know!" She starts, she looks at me making sure she has my attention before looking around the crowd she has gathered.

"Navi faked it all! I heard the rumors going around and decided you all should know the truth! Navi faked her kidnapping and her abuse to get sympathy." Her words cause anger to burst through my body, I tense up as the whispers get louder at her words.

I cover my ears and quickly shake my head, my body starts getting hot again. The whispers seem to grow louder.

"Shut up! Just....just shut up!" I yell out causing everyone to silence.

"Awe are you gonna cry now?" Iris mocks in a baby voice.

I glare at Iris and with out another word I quickly face my palm to her and ice shoots out going straight towards her, catching her off guard she falls to the ground with a groan.

Suddenly she disappears. I relax for a moment before suddenly feeling a burning in my back as I'm flung across the room. I land on my stomach. I breath in deeply as I look behind me and see Iris hands engulfed in flames.

I stand slowly as I eye her.

"Iris!" I turn towards Annie, her hands and arms are also engulfed in flames as she glares at Iris, getting ready to attack her.

"No." I state causing a confused Annie to look at me.

I look at Iris who smirks at me.

"This is my fight." And with that I stomp on the ground and push my hands forward, palm facing Iris, ice shoots out, Iris dodges and the shoots a fire ball at me.

I twirl around it and cry out as more ice shoots out from my hands. Catching Iris off guard it knocks her back. She quickly recovers but before anything can happen a booming voice goes over the cafeteria.

"Iris and Navi Bennett in my office now!!" I turn and see the principle, looking furious at the two of us. Iris let's the flames die out as we both walk towards the principle following him out while throwing glares at each other.

"So sister, I see you have guts. I can't wait to see what dad does about it. " I desperately want to freeze the smug look from her face but I don't, I don't say a word. I glare harshly at the floor tiles. I clench and unclench my fist. Suddenly without a warning I put my hand out towards Iris who is beside me and ice shoots out knocking her into the lockers causing a small scream to come from her.

"Navi Bennett!" The principle yells as I walk past him and continue to his office.

Maybe I should have stayed home.


I sigh as I walk out of the school with the papers. I'm suspended for a couple of days. I can't seem to care though.

"My beautiful masterpiece!" I jump at the loud voice and turn to see Fraiser. Skinny Jean's and a simple purple shirt and colorful Van's, he walks to me waving frantically.

I smile widely at him, he throws an arm around me and I smile when I only flinch a little.

"Hi fray."


Who is your favorite character and why.
EmileeJade22  says
"Annie, no matter what anybody else thinks of Navi she's there. She's a shoulder to cry on, a person to rant on, Navi's big sister. The big sister that plays the role she should. While everyone else is hating in her shes there to support her. To tell her "damn girl you rock that dress" to tell her that no matter what she loves her. Everyone needs an Annie in their life."

BrowniesWithTea says

"The history teacher (I don’t know the name) although there is a lot of people such as her friends but to me I think he’s the best because he didn’t judge and he was like giving a silent advice to the other of not judging of you don’t know and every story has two sides and we should listen and know before we talk, don’t judge a book by its cover"

That was fun! I loved reading who your favorite character was and why.

Anyhow I'm extremely busy at work today so this will be the only update today. Until next time!

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