chapter 2

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(Her dress ^^)

Oh I'll show her, I'll go to that ball I thought to myself as my fist clench. I turn and quietly walk away. I need to get a dress and a mask though.

I walk downstairs and into the kitchen reaching for a bowl. I grab milk and some cereal and start eating breakfast. After a few minutes my sisters come down and start preparing their breakfast as well.

Not sparing a glance, I stand up and rush back to my room and brush my teeth and grab my books and rush back down stairs. Iris had left to go to her college classes and I join Annie to go to school. We were both seniors and couldn't wait to get out of the hell hole known as high school. Annie wanted to be a fashion designer so after high school she was moving to up north, hours from here, plus I think she just really wants to get away from here she has already filled out a request to join the pack there. Though we weren't wolves we still belonged to packs, the kingdom made it this way to make keeping up with everyone easier.

We pull into the school and I climb out and head to my locker. On my way there I am pushed down.

Luckily I catch myself, I hiss from the impact, I gather my things ignoring the laughs and pick myself up and carry my self onward to my locker. Grabbing my books I then head to my first class.

During the day I am pushed, tripped, hit and called names, something that always happened since I could remember.

Again, the ache in my bones is not new.

The days passed and Saturday rolls around. My sisters had their dress and I had made my own dress and mask secretly. I wake up at lunch and decide to start on an essay that is due next week.

I finish the essay at around 7:30 and walk down to see my sisters getting dressed. I walk in the kitchen and spot Iris had curled her hair and had so much hairspray it didn't move, she had a lot of makeup on that made her eyes pop. Her dress has so much glitter  on it covers the floor, It is a baby pink dress that hugs her body and pushes her boobs up. The dress is floor length and sleeveless, she wore a silver necklace with silver earrings she puts a silver masks on that only covers around her eyes. I turn hearing Annie walk in. She has a scarlet dress that hugs her body till it got to her waist it then flows out. She has natural make up and her short curly hair is tamed at the best of her ability but she pulls it off. She has a green mask on covering her forehead and eyes.

She smiles at me, My mother then steps in with a yellow dress that hung on her body my father had her hand and wore a suit with a yellow tie.

I nod at them as they say their farewell, my mother threatening me if I leave the house, as they slip their masks on and leave, I wait a few seconds, bouncing on my heels, then race up the stairs to my room and start curling my hair in loose curls.

I then do my eye makeup in a smokey eye with a cat eye eyeliner. I apply mascara and dark red lip stainer as I rush to my bed and throw my dress on. It hugs my curves then flows out. I then put on my nude lace butterfly mask and slip on my white gloves that had D.N.B on the wrist, my initials. I slip on my nude flats and spray some scent masking spray everyone else would be wearing and leave the room and head downstairs. I look at the clock that reads 9:40. Well guess I should make an entrance. I teleport and end up in front of the grand hall.

I smile realizing I did it right fist bumping the air, that would be embarrassing if anyone saw, I quickly look around and let a breath of relief out.

Looking at the big closed doors I sigh as I climb the stairs and open the door. I head through the entrance hall hearing the music. I reach the double doors and take a deep breath, should I really do this?.
I then, with out a second thought, push the doors open. Everyone's head snaps to me as I suck in a breath. I freeze for about twenty seconds then look around seeing a few glares from the girls and the lustful looks from the men.

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