chapter 42

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I yawn as I wake up from my dreamless slumber.

I slowly sit up and look at the alarm clock by Annie's bed.

I look beside me and see Annie, mouth wide open as she breaths in heavily, a slight snore acompanies her breathing. Her curly hair is everywhere and she is balled up in a fetal position, she is also slightly drooling, causing a sleep chuckle to leave my mouth.

I stand and get out of bed. I walk up the stairs to my room, I brush my teeth and change into some black leggings and an oversized blue shirt. My head snaps to the window as a small pebble hits it. I walk to it and look down through the window.

My eyebrows pull together as my head tilts as I spot Jacy waving frantically with a huge welcoming smile on her face. She motions her hands for me to come outside.

Now what does she want.

I sigh, might as well get it over with. I walk down the stairs, ignoring the sound of Iris slurping on her cereal, and out the door. Jacy stands there patiently.

"Goodmorning Navi " I give her a weak smile.

"I know you're ready for me to disappear but I just want to know where Chadum is, what direction he went to." Her eyes plead to me. She yearns for closure. Who am I to keep that from her. The heaviness of it weighs on my heart.

"Jacy," her name falls from my lips with more sadness than I intend.

She looks at me worriedly. "Please just tell me, I promise I'll leave you alone, you'll never see me again after."

I nod at her words as I breath in deeply. "Jacy, Chadum kidnapped me and beat me. When I tried to escape he came after me and tried to kill me so-so." I swallow harshly as I look into her eyes. They shine with curiosity and oblivion of what was to come. "I um- I had to kill him." I whisper.

Her eyebrows raise in surprise as her eyes water. I look down unable to focus on her pained stricken face.

"Navi, it's okay. I'm not mad, you had no choice." She states as she puts a hand on my shoulder.

Yet I couldn't believe it. I had tried telling myself the same thing over and over ever since it happened. Yet I felt like I had a choice. The possibilities trouble my mind of what could have happened. What I could have done different.

"Can-can you take me to him, I want to bury him properly?" My head snaps to hers. I swallow harshly at the thought. To face that place again, those woods, his dead body.

I open my mouth to say no but stop myself.

What right do I have to say no. I killed him, she just wants to bury him. She wants peace.

So I swallow harshly and clench my teeth together as I nod my head. I grab her hand and close my eyes. I invision the woods, I feel the tingles go through my body, Jacy gasps at the tingles.

Then nothing. I open my eyes and look around at the all to familiar woods. My body gets hot and my stomach turns.

I turn my head and see Chadums body. My eyes widen in shock at the large icicles still holding his body.

His body is decaying. The smell is now embedded in my brain as well as the picture.

"You sure did a number on him." I whip around quickly at the harshness in her voice. I gasp at the dart gun she points at me.

"Oh come on!" I cry out as I throw my hands up. This is getting old.

She tilts her head at my reaction. "Not the reaction I was hoping for, but I'll take it. " I close my eyes to teleport but before I can I feel a stick on my throat. I open my eyes, my hands go to the dart and I quickly pull it out.

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