Chapter 13

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I open my eyes and look at my alarm clock 5:59. I sigh sitting up in bed and turning my alarm clock off before it has the chance to pierce the quiet air.

Wednesday. One of the awkward days. The middle day of the week. Always seems like the longest.

I finally crawl out of bed and walk in my bathroom. I groan at the tangled mop on my head. I start my bath water and brush my teeth as I wait for it to get hot.


I throw on a white shirt and dark maroon pants with black short boots. Putting a leather jacket on I then walk out of the door and down the stairs. I spot Annie grabbing an apple. She smiles at me as she tosses me one. I catch it and follow her to her car.

"I like your hair." Annie states as she looks at my curled blonde hair. I smile at her as I tuck a piece behind my ear.

"Thank you." I look forward as silence engulfs us.

"I've noticed you haven't glitched that much." Annie smiles at me.

I shrug "Yeah kind of weird." I tilt my head realizing I had only glitched a few times.

"I think it's because you're happier." I look at her confused. "Our powers feed off of our emotions. You are happy Navi. I can't wait to meet the person that made you that way." I smile at her, thinking of Bain, Daniel and Fraiser. They had made me happy, my small group of friends.

"I've made some friends." A smile plays on my lips as we pull up to the school.

I quietly exit the car as does Annie as she makes her way to her circle of friends after waving a quick bye.

I walk down the hall towards my class when I am suddenly yanked into a dark janitors closet.

My eyes widen as the light suddenly flickers on.

My eyes widen as I see Hannah. Her smirk grows as she takes in my reaction.

"Hi Glitchy. Or should I call you the runaway mate." She clicks her tongue. "Who knew you actually had a mate. And it's the king no less!"

I don't say anything as I let my head hang.

"So who all knows." Hannah ask as she crosses her arms. "I'm assuming Daniel since he was pushy of keeping you on the list."

A sigh escapes my lips. This wasn't good. My sister was already making sure I was keeping all the girls that matched the initials of the gloves away from Bain. "That I know off he is the only one." Oh and lets not forget Chadum. "Hannah I already have my sister black mailing me because I'm around a Beta. I don't see how I'll be able to help both of you to get Bain to fall in love with you."

Hannah laughs at my assumption. "Silly girl I don't want the crown. I want to be on the council. Though I defiantly don't want your sister to have the crown either." Hannah states as her face turns into one of disgust. The two girls absolutely loathed each other. I guess there was no room for two perfect people. I'm sure they hated each other more than they hated me.

"You know in fact I wouldn't mind you being his queen Glitchy." Hannah tilts her head as my eyebrows arch in confusion. "The only thing is people probably wouldn't trust him. I mean how awful must the Moon Goddess think of him if she picked you to be his mate."

I flinch at her words. "Now I want you to start pretending to be my friend when we are around them and the Queen. Pretend we hang our or something." Hannah smiles.

I nod, not really caring about the dumb demand. I guess her pretending to be my friend will be better than her bullying me. The warning bell signals, Hannah turns towards the door before looking back at me "Wait a minute before you leave I don't want any one knowing about our little conversation." I nod as she leaves the closet shutting the door behind her.

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